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Beta 0.7.5 Patch Notes


Added Chapter 7. This addition includes new zones, quests, enemies, music, and sound effects. Travel back to the Divine Era and witness a conflict between gods. Contend with Rahyeh’s armies, and explore the mysteries of Heoborea.


This patch introduces three new specialization trees, including two for brand new skills.

  • Added a new skill, Earthquake, which is unlocked by spending 15 points in Shaman passives. Earthquake is a melee attack that hits all enemies around you, and then sends tremors out to nearby enemies.

  • Added a new Mage skill, Flame Ward, which is unlocked at level 9. Flame Ward grants Ward, causes you to take less damage, and have a chance to retaliate with flames for 3 seconds. This is intended to replace Fire Shield and Ice Ward once other changes happen to the class.

  • Added a specialization tree for the Paladin skill, Sigils of Hope.

Item Gambling

You can now use the gold you gain during gameplay to purchase unidentified items of a certain base type (e.g. you can buy an Eastern Blade). Once you purchase an item, its rarity and affixes will be revealed. Artem, the Gambler NPC, can be found in the Council Chambers and the End of Time.

Item System

We have rewritten the backend for items and storage to improve performance and remove some long-standing bugs.

Additionally, this rewriting has facilitated the following;

  • Items can now be moved by clicking and dragging.
  • Items in shops appear red if you don’t have enough gold to purchase them.
  • Stash tabs can now be sorted and searched.
  • Holding alt and ctrl now also shows the ranges of implicit modifiers (previously it would only work with affixes).
  • Items with multiple implicit values can now have separate implicit rolls (e.g. a Jeweled Circlet can have high implicit spell damage, but low implicit mana. Previously both would be high or low).
  • Runes and Glyphs automatically go to the crafting material inventory
  • Items that you are too low level to equip have an x in the bottom right corner.

Skill Balance

Black Hole

  • Heat Wave now grants 20% ignite chance per point (up from 10%).
  • Red Giant now also increases the duration of Black Hole by 80%.


  • Increased base damage by 25%.

Entangling Roots

The aim here is to remove the melee aspect because that overlaps with Earthquake’s niche, while modernizing the tree and making it more useful overall. Due to the significance of the changes, players will receive a free specialization tree respec.

  • Increased damage by 60%.
  • Reduced mana cost to 40 (from 50).
  • Added 10 new nodes (focused on bleed, poison, healing, and minions).
  • Removed Eternal Imbuement, Eterra’s Might, Crushing Force, and Staggering Impact nodes
  • Nodes that buff you or your minions now buff within the area rather than having a fixed duration.
  • Bountiful Harvest now grants 100% chance to create a Healing Nova (up from 34%).
  • Empowered Bites grants 40% bleed chance for Bears (up from 34%), can have 5 points allocated (up from 3), and now also affects Sabertooths, but no longer affects Serpents.
  • Fleeting Grove grants 40% mana efficiency per point (up from 30%).
  • Imbued Sap grants 30% increased damage per point (up from 25%), but can only have 3 points allocated (down from 4).
  • Lasting Briar gives 20% increased duration per point (up from 15%).
  • Mystic Roots now increases damage by 20% per point (from 25%) and can have 5 points allocated (from 8).
  • Roots of Lapp increases mana cost by 50% (up from 20%).
  • Venomous Pack grants 40% poison chance for Wolves (up from 34%), can have 5 points allocated (up from 3), and now also affects Serpents and Scorpions.
  • Grove Master can have 3 points allocated (up from 2).
  • Poison Ground can have 5 points allocated (down from 6).
  • Adjusted many connections and requirements.


Due to the significance of the changes, players will receive a free specialization tree respec.

  • Increased base damage by 18%.
  • Increased freeze rate by 30%.
  • Added a node that grants ward on crit
  • Added a node that increases hit damage and mana efficiency
  • Added a node that gives more damage against rares and bosses
  • Added a node that doubles the chill chance from the tree and gives more damage against chilled enemies
  • Added a node that grants the Rime buff on cast, which grants global increased damage over time and freeze rate multiplier.
  • The Destruction nodes grant slightly less hit damage than before
  • Frost Grip now also grants freeze rate multiplier, but can only have 5 points allocated (down from 6).
  • Perma Frost now grants 150% freeze rate multiplier (up from 100%).
  • Moderate Vortex now increases Rime duration, but no longer increases hit damage.
  • Greater Vortex now increases Rime effect, but no longer increases hit damage.
  • Resplendent Frost now grants 4% base crit chance per point (from 3%), but also grants -15% crit multi.
  • Rejuvenation now only procs on crit, rather than on every hit.
  • Static Collapse no longer reduces crit chance, but instead prevent crits from dealing extra damage.
  • Changed many connections and requirements.

Hammer Throw

  • Increased base damage by 12.5%.
  • Disintegrating Aura now deals 30 void damage per second (up from 20).

Ice Thorns

  • Cold Prison now also grants 1 base cold damage per point.
  • Ritual Briar now grants 8% increased damage, doubled if you have a totem (from 12% increased damage while you have a totem).


  • Increased base damage and freeze rate by 50%.

Marrow Shards

  • Carving now grants 40% increased Bone Splinters damage per point (up from 25%).
  • Gouging Splinters now grants 50% Bone Splinters bleed chance per point (up from 25%).
  • Blood Assassin can how have 3 points allocated (up from 2).
  • Crimson Ivory can now have 4 points allocated (up from 3).
  • Dark Precision can now have 3 points allocated (up from 2).


  • Focused Strike now requires 4 points in Concentration (up from 1).
  • Opportunist now grants Rive 10% more critical strike chance against ignited targets per point (down from 16%).
  • Reclamation now grants 5% leech per point (from 10%) and can have up to 2 points allocated (down from 3).
  • Savagery now grants 20% more damage to ignited targets per point (down from 34%).
  • Twisting Fangs now grants the second strike 50% chance to ignite per point (down from 100%).

Shatter Strike

  • Increased the base damage of the Shatter explosion by 80%.


  • Increased base damage by 13%.
  • Increased added damage scaling by 50%.

Spriggan Form

We want to buff Spriggan Form, while also shifting some of its power from base defensive stats to damage and the nodes on its specialization tree. Due to the significance of the changes, players will receive a free tree respec.

  • No longer grants 150 elemental protection and armour, but still grants attunement and vitality.
  • Summoned Vines now have an additional 4% chance to poison on hit per point of attunement.
  • Vale Blast deals 40% more damage.
  • Deep Roots now grants root wall 35% more health (from 12% increased health).
  • Fury of the Glade now grants a 7% chance to cast Vale Blast per point (up from 5%) and can have 5 points allocated (up from 3).
  • Grove of Hemlock now grants a 34% chance to cast poison nova per point (up from 25%) and can have 3 points allocated.
  • Nurture now grants Healing Totems 20% increased healing effectiveness per point (up from 7%).
  • Permafrost grants a 6% chance to cast Ice Thorns per point (up from 4%) and can have 5 points allocated (up from 3).
  • Purification can have 3 points allocated (up from 2).
  • The piercing thorns skill (used by Vines if you take the Razor Vines node) now deals 100% more damage.
  • Reinforced Totem now grants Healing Totems 20% more health and duration (from 10% increased health and 3% more duration).
  • Skin Like Bark now grants 60 armour and protections (up from 50) and heals for 60 (up from 50).
  • Thick Tendrils now grants summoned Vines 20% more damage and health (from 12% increased damage and health).

Summon Bear

  • The Primal Bear’s Roar ability now has a significantly larger area of effect…

Wandering Spirits

  • Now scales with increased damage over time.

Werebear Form

Currently this skill is too strong and needs to be reduced in power. These changes should also make it easier to remain shapeshifted for longer without significantly investing into Critical Strike Chance. Due to the significance of the changes, players will receive a free tree respec.

  • No longer grants 100% increased melee damage, 150 elemental protection and 150 armour. Still grants strength and vitality.
  • Roar now costs 10 mana (down from 15).
  • Enrage can now have up to 4 points allocated (up from 2).
  • Removed Spell Mastery.
  • Wizened Claws now causes increases to spell damage to also apply to melee damage, and can only have one point allocated.
  • Added a new node that causes increases to spell damage to also apply to crit chance.
  • Adjusted some connections and requirements.


  • Most uniques now have varying rolls on some of their affixes, with the averages being higher than their previous static values.
  • Added a new unique sceptre, Frozen Ire.
  • Beast King can now also roll on the Raider Axe base type in addition to its current base type.
  • Eterra’s Path’s vine to entangling roots ratio has been changed to 4 (up from 3).
  • Decayed Skull and Snowblind can now also spawn on the Gladiator Helmet base type (in addition to their normal base types).
  • Mourning Frost now gives 3% to 10% increased health (from 10% less health).
  • Prism Wraps now gives 2% to 8% elemental leech (down from 30%), and now also gives 30% Increased Critical Strike Chance.
  • Urzil’s Pride now gives 1% increased mana regeneration per 100 points of armour (down from 2%).
  • Volcanus now also has 37% to 57% increased fire damage.
  • Yrun’s Wisdom now gives 3% melee leech while below 65% health (down from 30% leech).


  • Added staves, which are a two-handed weapon option for caster and hybrid builds. Each staff grants varying amounts of added melee physical damage and base spell damage, as well as subtracting from spell mana costs.

  • Added catalysts, which are off-hands tailored toward casters. Each catalyst grants intelligence, and higher tier items also grant base spell crit or ward per second.

  • Added three new affixes that spawn later in the game.

    • Increased Minion Spell Damage prefix, which rolls on Staves and Catalysts.
    • Increased Damage While Channeling prefix, which rolls on Staves, Relics and Amulets.
    • Armour and Protections While Channeling Suffix, which rolls on Staves, Relics and Rings.
  • Damage Dealt to Mana Before Health prefix

    • While you have this stat, each point of mana is now worth 5 points of health (e.g. if you take 100 damage with 10% damage dealt to mana, you will lose 2 mana and 90 health).
    • Has up to 50% higher values on body armour
    • Can not additionally roll on helmets
    • Stat is now shown in the character sheet
  • Throwing Attack Affixes
    The aim is to adjust throwing attack scaling to more closely resemble that of other attacks and spells. This change is meant to be fairly neutral overall.

    • The Throwing Attack Damage and Mana Cost prefix now grants added throwing attack physical damage rather than increased throwing attack damage.
    • Increased Throwing Attack Speed can no longer roll on amulets or relics and has lower values.
    • Increased Throwing Attack Damage has lower values.
    • Added a new “cursed” prefix on rings and amulets that adds lots of fire damage to throwing attacks, but increases fire damage taken.
  • Reduced the values of the hybrid health leech affix, especially at high levels, and changed it to spawn on gloves rather than amulets (it can still spawn on rings and relics as well).

  • All polearms that previously added generic crit chance now add melee crit chance.

  • Polearms add less melee crit chance than before.

  • Eastern Blades and Katanas now have an attack rate of 1.25 (up from 1.2).

  • Naginatas now have an attack rate of 1.05 (up from 0.97).

  • Nodachis now have an attack rate of 1.1 (down from 1.15).


  • The “Heals if not damaged recently” monster affix now has a visual effect that intensifies when it begins healing, and can no longer spawn alongside an “Increased Health” or “High Stun Avoidance” mod.
  • Added a “Deadly if not damaged recently” monster affix which causes enemies to deal twice as much damage.


You can now leech off of damage you deal to yourself or your minions.

User Interface

  • Redesigned the cursor to make it easier to keep track of while in combat.
  • Improved the appearance and layout of the inventory.
    • Runes and Glyphs have been moved from a fly-out sub-menu of the inventory to a new tab of the inventory to make them easier to find.
    • Updated the equipped item and stats overview sections to match other parts of the user interface.
  • Updated the background and border art for items.


  • Added two new music tracks for Chapter 3.
  • Added new sounds for the Idol of Loathing.
  • Added several new sound effects for abilities used by Void enemies;
    • Abyssal Aura
    • Devouring Void
    • Erasing Blow
    • Summon Effigy of Decay
    • Void Breath
    • Void Drain
    • Void Spit
    • Delayed explosions
  • Added sounds for the stash opening and closing.
  • Added a new sound for Glacier’s area of effect marker (before it deals damage).
  • Added a new sound for Charged Ground.
  • Adjusted the levels for Avalanche’s sound effect.


  • Improved the visuals for mossy rocks in Chapter 1.
  • Improved lighting for Chapter 1, Chapter 3 and Chapter 5.
  • Improved terrain in Chapter 3 and Chapter 5.
  • Improved some textures and models for Chapter 6.
  • Added a new visual for Avalanche’s physical conversion.


Our performance-orientated work in Patch 0.7.5 focused primarily on reducing stuttering. While we have not eliminated all sources of stutter, it should be less common than before.

Additionally, we have optimized the labels for equipment.

Bug Fixes

  • Items in the stash no longer cause lag when entering the game.
  • Corrected a rare bug where large amounts of items could be deleted on character load.
  • Resolved cases of items becoming stuck or overlapping other items.
  • Fixed a bug where item tooltips would sometimes get stuck open when moving from one item to another.
  • Fixed bugs where item tooltips would potentially not disappear when the inventory is closed or when the mouse leaves the inventory area.
  • Fixed a large number of situations where movement abilities could take you outside of the play area of a zone.
  • Fixed a bug where abilities that grant resources to their caster could collide with other abilities, causing them to behave as if they hit a wall.
  • Disintegrate can no longer be dodged.
  • Maelstrom can no longer be dodged.
  • Warpath’s damage now scales with Strength.
  • Fixed a bug where the Detonate Ground nodes in Forge Strike were not properly applying increased damage or ignite chance.
  • Fixed the damage increases from multiple Glacier nodes not stacking.
  • Fixed Maelstrom’s Calm node not scaling as more points were allocated.
  • Fixed Static’s Reverberation node granting too many charges when hit.
  • Fixed the Druid’s Vale Warrior passive not increasing physical damage.
  • Fixed the Lich passive Wands of the Fallen not working.
  • Fixed the Lich passive Symbol of Decay not working.
  • Fixed the Paladin passive Staunch Defender not working.
  • Fixed a bug where the Terror Mace multiplied the amount of increased stun chance you had rather than just giving you increased stun chance.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the keybinds UI.
  • Fixed the Shaman’s Rune of Awe passive not increasing base spell damage.
  • Fixed ragdolls behaving erratically in certain locations.
  • The health bars for Sludge enemies no longer clip into their bodies.
  • Fixed the exit from Ruined College taking you to the start of the Ruins of Welryn.

awesome update. although werebear is now dead. the skill doesn’t look worth taking anymore.

YASSSSS…also the base dmg increase. You buffed my toon big time :smiley:

Is the 0.7.5 cycle for the ladder going to be updated on the webpage? If so Do we need to reroll our characters ? Or no ladder reset for 0.7.5?

Damnnn werebear got neutered. Probably still good though.

I really like the effort you guys are putting into this game. Do not regret backing this on Kickstarter!

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Well, allthough i didn’t play werebear (yet), i’m kinda cautious with Arguments about Nerfs/Balancing like this which are mostly based on Patchnotes, and not actually trying / playtesting the stuff ingame. From my experience such “Patchnotes-Feedback” are rarely correct and mostly a overstatement / exaggeration on the playerbase and when this stuff is tested properly afterwards by the players, it’s not that bad or useless, simply not as effective anymore as before.

Not trying to claim it can’t be case, but it is rather wonky to complain about balance changes 30 minutes after the release of patchnotes without actually playing it first.

Awesome, thanks for the update. :heart_eyes:

Some feedback on the layout of the patch notes before I forget…it might be easier to quickly go through relevant Skill Balance changes if they are divided into class sub headings and then alphabetically afterwards.

Current cost seems to be 5, not 10.

This can be the case, but usually isn’t: I and other people pointed out on its first preview that Disintegrate’s tree implied it would be terrible and have basically no functional damage relative to its risks and costs. Since then it has been buffed in 3 consecutive patches and likely still isn’t doing the damage it really needs to.

Yes, people in update threads often do spout doom and gloom too quickly, but this patch’s Werebear changes are pretty obviously a massive over-correction. Ideally things can find a better middle ground, which is where actual in-game testing will come into play.

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Very nice, but unfortunately i lost a lot of my Runes and Glyphes. :frowning: But hey, Life goes on. :slight_smile:

PS: FYI I just picked up a Rune of Refinement but it doesn´t show up in the new Inventory Tab or the normal Inventory.

Only the Rune of Removal and the Glyph of Stability show up.

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I’m working on it right now. The new ladder is up on the web page but it won’t update quite yet. We’ve just gotta do one more little update on the website to make to switch over fully. Should be done later today.

As for character eligibility, your 0.7.4 characters are eligible for the ladder. Their previous highest arena waves will not be recorded. You’ll have to set new arena wave bests on the new patch.

Also if you are playing on the new patch already, your deeds between now and then will be recorded on the ladder when it goes live again.

Edit: Ladder is live, go for it guys.

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Werebear looks like it may have been over-nerfed, but I will try that out and see for myself.

The aspect of this patch I have the biggest issue with is the changes to entangling roots. I would like roots to maintain its melee damage and stun functionality. I don’t see why the druid and shaman can’t both have a skill that allows them to deal melee damage around them. The melee upgrades were my favorite part of that skill. I don’t want to have to now go 15 points down the shaman tree to get the same functionality.

Awesome looking patch!

I’m not home from work yet but if they took away the stun on entangling roots that will be a real shame. Adding a small amount of cc provides another layer of gameplay. Would suck if our characters just end up doing damage and having mitigation in game… what a shame…

So many changes it looks like, and darn… was hoping earthquake was a spell lol, owell, looking good!

I feel very excited about this because there is no need to replay my characters all over again, just like what I did during v 0.74 :rofl:
So, I’m wandering if there is a plan to make images available in forum other than links from other websites? :thinking:

And you’ve got a lot of high level characters too.

I fell really concentrated when calculating the stats of my builds, and I even create an excel to do that :rofl:
LE is an excellent game indeed. I’m sure it can be much better :+1:

IMO throwing damage was already lack luster. Though I know when build JUST RIGHT hammer throw was a good skill but still wasnt as good as some other skills.