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Beta 0.7.3b Patch Notes



  • Added a Transform tag to all transform skills.
  • Black Hole
    • Cooldown reduced to 16 seconds (from 20 seconds).
    • Damage increased by 17%.
  • All types of Bone Golem now have 60% more melee damage, but 36% less melee attack speed than the regular Bone Golem had in 0.7.3.
  • Forge Strike
    • Strength now increases all Forge Strike damage, not just physical damage.
    • Attunement now increases damage similarly to Strength, rather than adding flat physical damage.
    • Attunement now also increases the damage of Forged Weapons.
    • Your weapon’s attack rate now applies to Forged Weapons.
    • Forged Weapons expire after 10 seconds by default rather than having decaying health.
    • Forged Weapons now gain 15 health per character level.
    • Forged Weapons now draw slightly less aggro.
    • Forged Weapons now use Forge Strike’s icon and a new model.
    • Added the Minion tag to Forge Strike.
  • Manifest Armour
    • Stats granted by your body armour, helmet, gloves and boots now also apply to your Manifest Armour.
    • Slightly increased base movement speed.
  • Reaper Form
    The aim of these changes is to address the fact that many nodes only benefit Reap.
    • Added a new node that grants a chance to mark enemies for death on hit while in Reaper form (with the chance doubled for Reap).
    • Added a new node that grants a chance to cast blood tether on attackers when hit.
    • Added a new node that makes the amour bonus from Soul Shroud also apply to Poison and Necrotic Protection. (this replaces the node that granted increased armour and protections if you had killed an enemy with Reap recently).
    • Dark Harvest makes Reap kill enemies below 6% of their maximum health per point (up from 5%).
    • Death’s Door now also grants 25% increased damage while at low health in Reaper Form and can have 4 points allocated (up from 3).
    • Deathtouch Scythe now grants +2 necrotic damage with spells and attacks while in Reaper Form, doubled for Reap (from +5 necrotic damage with Reap), and can now have 4 points allocated (up from 3).
    • Harbinger of Blood now also grants 10% increased health leech while in Reaper Form.
    • Herald of Rot now also grants 10% poison chance per point while in Reaper Form and can have 5 points allocated (up from 3).
    • Ravenous Doom now grants 5 health gained on kill while in Reaper Form, doubled for Reap (from 10 health gained on kill with Reap).
    • Stable Disturbance now also grants 10% increased damage over time while in Reaper Form.
    • Sweeping Scythes makes Reap move you 15% further per point (up from 10%), but can only have 2 points allocated (down from 3).
    • Venomous Coating now also grants 10% poison duration while in Reaper Form.
    • Adjusted node connections.
    • Players with Reaper Form specialized will receive a free respec.
  • Sacrifice’s Altar of Flames now gives Sacrifice the Fire tag.
  • Shatter Strike
    • Winter’s Boon can now have only one point allocated (down from 3), but increases the threshold by 25% per unique ability used (up from 5% per point).
    • Whiteout now also reduces attack speed by 10%
    • Obliteration increases the threshold by 50% per point (up from 40%).
    • Adjusted connections.
    • Players with Shatter Strike specialized will receive a free respec.
  • Sigils of Hope
    • Amended the description to clarify that it only affects you and not allies (it will affect allies in future).
    • Changed the description to clarify the effects of the buff.
    • Now increases health regen by 20% per Sigil (up from 10%).
  • Static Orb
    • Increased damage of the orb itself by 50%.
    • Halved the added damage effectiveness of the orb to keep its damage stats in line with other skills.
    • Explosion damage increased by 67%.
  • Increased Storm Totem damage by 43%.
  • Changed Summon Skeleton’s Impatience node
    • Can now have 4 points allocated (up from 3).
    • Now also increases Bone Armour duration by 1 second per point.
    • Now grants 30% cooldown recovery speed per point (down from 35%).
  • Increased Thorn Totem damage by 25%.
  • Vale Spirits
    • Can no longer take damage (previously they couldn’t be hit, but could take damage over time).
    • Now deal physical damage instead of lightning damage.
    • Adjusted spell hit vfx and sound to feel more fitting.
    • Adjusted their spell’s base damage and added damage scaling so that their ratio is more similar to other skills.
      • Reduced base damage by 18%.
      • Increased added damage scaling by 50%.
  • Warpath’s mana drain per second is now on its main tooltip, rather than alt. Warpath has an initial mana cost of 10, then costs 20 per second.


  • The Necromancer’s Effigies node no longer gives you a chance to sacrifice your minions and heal to full instead of taking lethal damage. It now gives you a chance when you take a hit on low life to consume one of your minions, stealing its current health for yourself.


  • Added a new unique body armour, Valeroot.
  • Added a new unique 1h axe, Tempest Maw.
  • Added Forest Garb, a new body armour base type that grants armour and healing effectiveness.
  • Added Bladed Mace, a new 1h mace bace type that grants increased physical damage.
  • Added Raider Axe, a new 1h axe base type that grants added crit chance.
  • Adjusted defensive affix rarity
    • Elemental, Poison and Necrotic Protection suffixes are more common and start spawning slightly earlier.
    • Suffixes that give you a chance to retaliate with an ailment when hit are less common.
    • The added potion health prefix is rarer.
    • The increased health regen on potion use prefix is rarer and starts spawning later.


  • Rare Fallen Osprix now deal 13% less damage with their fire aura.
  • Increased Zerrick’s health by 20% in Titan’s Canyon.
  • Added a new entrance animation for Zerrick.
  • Voice lines for Harton and Zerrick are no longer played in a random order.


  • Buff and Debuff icons no longer show the seconds remaining as a number in the center of the icon. This will return as an option later.
  • Hardcore and Solo Challenge are now always available when creating a new character
  • Masochist is still only selectable if you have completed the campaign at least once.


  • Improved the performance of Lightning Nova.
  • Improved the performance of abilities that attach to targets.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various bugs with the search bar for passives and specialization trees.
  • Fixed a bug with passive respecs where the system only checked for if you had enough points to reach the next row of passives, rather than checking that you could reach the next highest node you invested in.
  • Fixed a bug where Hollow Finger wasn’t dropping.
  • Fixed added and increased sources of the same stat in a single tree overriding each other (ex. Holy Aura’s Redemption grants added health regen and Vital Boon grants increased health regen).
  • Fixed a bug where entities would sometimes stop moving towards a target and attack while just out of range.
  • Fixed a bug where Pyre Golems, Blood Golems, and Spectral Golems were attacking 20% more slowly than regular Bone Golems.
  • Fixed Hungering Souls’ tree not working.
  • Fixed Ring of Shield’s Enduring Defense node lengthening the duration of Ring of Shields incorrectly.
  • Fixed Shatter Stike’s Whiteout saying that it increased mana cost by 50% per point when it actually increased it by 75% per point.
  • Summon Skeleton Bone Armour
    • Fixed a bug where instead of reducing damage taken, Bone Armour would increase damage taken by a larger amount each time the Skeletons cast it.
    • Fixed a bug where Bone Armour’s base cooldown was 0.9 seconds instead of 10 seconds
    • Fixed a bug where Skeletons would not cast Bone Armour on allies even if you had the correct node.
  • Fixed Skeleton Rogues having a higher aggro range than intended.
  • Fixed Summon Spriggan’s nodes not applying stat buffs.
  • Fixed allocating a point into Summon Spriggan not resummoning your Spriggan.
  • Fixed Death Knights not having minion healthbars.
  • Fixed Pyre Golem’s fire visual being below the ground.
  • Fixed an object blocking the camera in The Immortal Summit.
  • Fixed a pillar blocking the camera in Barren Aqueduct.
  • Fixed a navigation issue in the Oracle’s Abode
  • Fixed a navigation issue in the Upper District.
  • Fixed the character sheet tooltip for intelligence showing that it gave 5% ward retention if you hovered over the number.
  • Fixed a few bugs with minion ability tags for Summon Skeleton and Summon Skeleton Mage.
  • Fixed the mana globe appearing empty and the health globe overflowing on some Linux systems.
  • Fixed the option to disable the health bar directly above the player not working until you exited to character select.


awesome update, thanks <3 looking forward to the future updates :smiley:


A one handed weapon with crit chance? Now I drool all over the place!


Fixed the mana globe appearing empty and the health globe overflowing on some Linux systems.

checked and works;) thx!


Hmm how do we access Vale Spirits ? Wasnt this skill removed?


Passive nodes and Spriggan Form Skill tree




Yea, we didn’t like the skill as it’s own thing so we split it up to still be available but it doesn’t take up a full skill slot any more. I know we’ve been saying it forever but we do plan on giving some mage skills a similar treatment.


how do I download this new patch ? my Blackhole still has 20s cool down. I use Last Epoch.exe to turn on the game.


On Standalone you need to run the Launcher.exe (which should be a folder up from where Last Epoch.exe is). You should always run the game using the launcher.