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Beta 0.7.3 Patch Notes


When you press the A key this is already possible. Both make them target an area and commanding them back to you.


This is a useful feature as-is, but it doesn’t feel to me like a replacement for automatically targeting Marked enemies or a Convocation-style way of teleporting minions to your character. I find that in endgame I’m generally moving around too much to be able to keep my minions with me using A.


Thanks Reimer, I didn’t even know about A, but having it built into a skill like Mark for Death would be a huge QoL imo. At least I think it would be a nice change :slight_smile:
As A_S00 more or less said, teleporting is awesome, but without having a way to move your minions also, it feels bad. That being said, another option would be to add a node to your teleport skill that brings your minions with you… that would kill two birds with one stone.


stupid question. when I turn on the game, does it automatically download the new patch? I am asking this because I don’t see any of the new changes in this patch note like Spriggan form skill specializations.


On Standalone you need to run the Launcher.exe (which should be a folder up from where Last Epoch.exe is). You should always run the game using the launcher.