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Beta 0.7.1b Patch Notes



  • Added a small wave fight to the Soul Warden’s Road.

User Interface

  • Further tweaked the item tooltip UI.
  • Changed the 2d art for Turquoise rings.


  • Increased the damage of Possess (the ailment inflicted by Hungering Souls and Skeleton Mages’ default spell) by 14%.


  • Improved the blending between attack animations for the Sentinel.
  • Improved the Acolyte’s posture in animations to appear more natural.


  • Improved the performance of grass shadows.
  • Improved the performance of screen space reflections.
  • Fixed time travel effects being loaded even if you haven’t time traveled, which consumed some resources.


  • Rare Highland Bears now use a roar that grants Frenzy to nearby allies instead of an avalanche variant.
  • Rare Ulatri Scavengers now use a roar that grants Haste to nearby allies instead of an avalanche variant.
  • Rare Ice Golems now use a variant of Avalanche (they previously had no rare specific ability).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you could craft items of a higher level than your character could equip.
  • Fixed the Poison Barrage node on the Aura of Decay tree causing the Poison Bolt cooldown to be reduced every time you activate aura of decay.
  • Fixed a bug where the Respite node on the Aura of Decay Tree gave health regen during Aura of Decay rather than after deactivating it.
  • Fixed a typo in Summon Bear’s tooltip.
  • Fixed the Paladin’s Divine Bolt not working.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Dreamthorn.
  • Fixed Stormbreaker’s model sometimes floating above the player’s hands.
  • Fixed the Primalist’s wolf head helmet displaying incorrectly during some animations.
  • Fixed some instances of the Acolyte’s longer idle animation not being interruptible.
  • Fixed Stormbreaker’s alt tooltip flickering.


Now see that is what a bears roar should do right there just saying.


Is this patch supposed to be so large? 2210 MB on windows 7 OS. Seems quite high for whats in there.


Mine clocked in at 6gb, according to Steam. I think there was a dev post a while back saying that they’re aware of extremely large updates and it’s a side effect of how things are coded right now. Or something like that.




Got a confusing issue i noticed that the game is running in full screen mode now but i have a huge hit to frame rate that wasnt there last patch. i went from 40’s to 15 which is largely unplayable. I will start playing with settings to see if its something that might have been updated in the patch.


I would like to see 40 fps. one day…^^ I play with 20 fps … with graphic low setting and low resolution ,1400xxx ^^ you are lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

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