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Beta 0.7.1 Patch Notes


Keep up the great work!
Excited to try the new hammer Throw stuff (JUST made a build vid yesterday lol) and the Smite tree!


can we please please please get an option to change our map opacity…to be able to make it darker and stuff…cause in some areas…when i open map…i cant see anything on light backgrounds!!!


HYPE :cowboy_hat_face: :cocktail:


Excellent, thanks to all of you!


Has anyone noticed that the drop rate seems to have been decreased dramatically?


How much better are they at staying by your side? Like always attack by my side now as was asked or maybe maybe not.

Also why the huge nerf to Wing guard? Also also did Necro pets really need such a big dmg buff? I mean most Primalist builds I have been seeing don’t even use pets anymore as they are that annoying and Necro pets get a buff?


+1 because I want to set the opacity to 0 so I can take screenshots of it :slight_smile:


pretty sure they were buffed. They replaced health with haste, which is ???. Dodge rating went up. They also changed the base type from iron gauntlets to secutor gloves, but that wasn’t documented (the secutor gloves seem to have higher armor)


They used to have like 45% attk speed increase on them. So unless that what haste means? That is pretty big since most people used them for the dodge and attk speed.


they had, and still have, 35% increased melee attack speed.


Looked over all of the nerfed sources of damage leech, most of them were about half, with some variance.

However the spell lightning damage leech from the Voltaic Prefix is now 1/10 of what it originally was, intended or accidental over nerf?


Why you guys always delete the characters ?
Can’t you just delete all the items but keep the characters progression? I dont mind to come test and find some bugs but it kinda kills my mood have to level up everytime, so I will pass this time.


This last patch became so tedious, ill be back in a couple of month.


(I’m assuming you are both speaking on the same issue, apologies if that’s not true)

Sorry about this! Characters are currently stored locally, so if you have changed which PC you are playing on or have re-installed your operating system, you won’t have access to them.

I’ve confirmed with a developer that we have not made any changes to the game that would invalidate older characters-- you should be able to use characters from before 0.7.1. Unfortunately, it sounds like you’ve been affected by a bug.

If you’ve only opened the game once since 0.7.1 released, please make a new thread in Technical Support with your log file so we can look into this. The log file is overwritten when the game starts, which is why it’s important to copy the file before re-starting the game.

Again, sorry for this issue!


Whew, those ward nerfs. Exsanguinous Aura of Decay killed dead at the exact moment it was brought to life.
However, the monolith changes are pleasant.


Tired of nerfs…
I’ll pass,I’ll come back for the Falconer and the offline/Solo mode will test Tem Tem and Astellia for now :sailboat:
Good luck to the team!


I did reinstall my windows, but where are the characters saved? I have Last Epoch on a diferent disk than my windows instalation, shouldnt afect the game.


On Windows they currently reside within the Registry.


why not save to the instalation folder of the game or why not save online?
The release version of this game will be saving characters in our computer ?


It’s the way Unity does things.

For offline characters, yes.
Online characters will be stored online.