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Beta 0.7.0d Patch Notes


I didn’t expect another patch after 2 days. Awesome work!


Awesome glyph of stability change. Makes it actually usable :smiley:

Will def be using it now!

Also great changes to monster density!!!


Good change on the renaming of dark blade.
Performance is always a plus, and so is lighting on maps for ambience.
Keep up the good work.


woo proper HC rips in arena
arena key changes are nice.


Awesome! Thank you


Loving the updates! than you.


Monolith chest, right?


Nice work guys!


Hey guys the work you are doing is great however a few things of note since this patch. the lightning blast effect no longer works at any resolution over 2560x1440 and it did before. Also the new effect look is quite lack luster when comparing the change to like fire shield (amazing new look btw :grin: )


Can the arena key changes be better described? It sounds like more consistent but less frequent? Less frequent would be pretty bad IMO.


The previous drop rate was basically 20% per run, so this is the same on average but obviously much more consistent.


Great work!

I can go back on my Primalist once again :slight_smile:

Please fix Steam rewards also, as I would like to have my forum title displayed - Thank you.


Thanks for the update!


Renamed Dark Blade to Iron Blade to better reflect its damage type.

I thought dark blade sounded cool :stuck_out_tongue: Reminded me of FF’s Dark Knight type class.


Nice to see patches. However, I think if you’re going to make such a huge change to arena waves you should at least reset the arena waves ladder. Especially for HC.


The patch-rate is quite impressive I must say.

Well done!


Nice! Like the Monolith Changes!
Thx Guys! :grin::+1:


Loving all of the quick work - keep it up! =)


Thank You So Much Guys :grinning:


Nice patch and real fast ty!