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Beta 0.7.0c Patch Notes


That’s because you play too much.
Totally worth it.


I appreciate the wonderful work :smile_cat:






Nice patch, thx EHG Team! Keep up the great work guys!

I hope sound effects will get polish too some of skill sounds just weird and not good. And some fix for gpu usage pls, i have a good PC i think, ryzen 5 2600x, rx 580 and 16g mem, but even on lowest settings gpu usage almost always 95%+.


Awesome! fantastic changes, keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Nicely done guys! great work!..:slight_smile:


For anyone wondering, Teleport still gives a ton of Ward. You just need something to mitigate the health drain, for example the life leech from Prism Wraps.


thank you for making a great game


Yea for faster screen load times!


Do you still not die in arena on hc?

edit: tried it myself still able to “respawn”


Awesome. Game is a blast so far.
Can’t wait for some performance fix though.


I love u guys more and more, u are so fast!
Great job, go on like this and the Community will rise faster and faster.

Cant wait to see Multiplayer. Is there any plan when its got implemented?


Despite the Teleport/Black Hole RIPs we all knew was coming, I am super excited about the new patch! Thanks guys, and keep up the great work! I’m having more fun in LE than I’ve had in years.

(Also thank you for giving Storm Totem a little love, it needed it)


thank you for making a great game.
But my game is freezing.
I buyed a rx570 just for play this game. I hope resolve this freezing.


Thank you! Good work, better game!!!


I’m loving the new visuals on Flame Shield! Thanks for the detailed patch notes :grin: