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Beta 0.7.0c Patch Notes


I like the approach to the crashing issues in the one zone some were having. I myself havent had one crash, though I haven’t played as much as most I’m sure. But I did see a streamer having the crash issue. Making it an optional zone while you work on it is a great way to handle it.


Amazing patch, thanks for your effort!
This will be a great game


Thanks alot for all the working and time you are doing with the game. cant wait for Multiplayer !!!


Играю при разрешении 2560х1440 (Windowed), при каждом запуске игры оно уменьшается.


Absolutely loving the beta guys keep up the good work​:+1::grinning:


yes the beta is realy good :smiley: i love this game


Thanks for the update.


Awesome, thanks for the quick patches!


Thank you for the update


ty :slight_smile:


Nice one guys, thanks for that.
Anything about Multiplayer? :innocent:

Keep up!


Awesome patch!


thanks for another update! I’ve tried the game yesterday evening and i loved it, i can only imagine great things from the game.


Yea hope for the pet, i havent got mine.


Thanx for this quick update, after a few day i really enjoy this game!


Awesome guys!


Pretty meaty list of changes for one week. It’s fun when stuff is brokenly overpowered for just a short time. Enough to have fun with it, but not get boring or tank balance.

RIP teleport, but seems like a good time to level another mage.
It’ll be like a whole new class now.


great patch ! i like the fixes very much…looking forward u´ll continue ur nice work ! ty


My storm totem & pets Shaman thanks you greatly :smiley: