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[Beta 0.7.0C] Moltenskin Sorcerer build guide UPDATE. "Elementalist" here!



I’ve been using Prism Wraps over Exsanguinous to great effect. A lot less to micromanage and can focus more on elemental damage instead of potion find. Not sure if it’s better or worse since I don’t have Exsanguinous to test.


hey, where would you put your other points in case you are over level 68? what would you max next? i aim for 100 and unsure what else i should max tho


Yes, Prism Wraps is more useful for life leech than Elemental tome.

However, I wanted to check the ward generate by using new Teleport skill, so I sticked to Exsanguinous.

Of course I feel this guide is not best to generate high ward, but i wish this will be useful for cheking game balance.

Thank you for your advice, I try using Prism Wraps to my next build !


I want to generate more ward,so I try to put points to…

Defense passive skill

・WARDER (Sorcerer) 10 pt
・ARCANE INTELLECT (Sor) additional 7 pt
(・SCHOLAR (Mag)…X pt))
(・Rapid Casting (Sor)…X pt)

Offence passive skill

※I feel DRAGON BREATH is not functional now for bug.(maybe?)
I need time to check this skill.


As an alternative of DB,

X= I will change the points by usability.
Anyway, I think those skill will work good for this build.

※I am sorry, results of the my check, MANA ARMOR IS NOT USEFUL much for this build, so i will re-upload new passive tree on few day.
Please reset points if you used the points to mana armor.

Thank you.


Hello ! thanks for the build buddy its awesome :slight_smile: Do you think its possible to play a fire version of it ?


Yeah for sure, just wanted to throw that info out there for anyone like me that doesn’t have Exsang - that Out of Body node on Teleport can look scary. Yeah, the ward generation isn’t as high as I was seeing reported before, but it’s been more than enough for me so far (I’m only level 47 though, hitting about 1500 and haven’t specc’d into Focus yet).

I’ve really like your guide, thanks for posting it, it’s helped me quite a bit!

That is the route I went. I took only the fire and +%Elemental nodes on Elemental Nova and followed @ponpoko Meteor build then adjusted passives as needed.


Hi, thank you for your interest.

“CRACKING PRECISION” and “REACTION POINT” (in sorcerer passive tree) are enable to fast casting without MANA shortage, when you cast lightning spell.
So, I think fast casting style is difficult for pure fire spellist for now.

Of course i will try it at an early date, but other player may have more good idea for using fire skill.


How about ur craft , im seeing that u craft mainly on intel and dont base ur damage on " increased lightning Damage " , i know that using intel give a way more Ward retention but the damage from " increased lightning Damage " aren’t more important than the one coming from intel ?


I think …
About Wand
Spell damage and (elemental) damage are useful for offence if you have enough crit chance.

About Armours
Intelligence, and rerated health mods are useful for generating ward.

…Wow, sorry !
I should have write weapon and armor separately about craft.
Thank you for your advice, i fix it !


Well about wand suffixes i dont think there is some " necessary" ones…


Mana --> gameplay confort
Elemental protection --> still less damage taken , mean more Ward saving
shock chance --> more confort gameplay aswell , more chance to stun , ennemies more vulnerable

Void / necrotic protection --> i think they can be worse to take , as necrotic and void mob hit like truck , it can relieve a lot


For now, It seem that not much useful at high level that gaining some protections if we have enough ward. (in 0.7.0c) Maybe, ward generate system are re-adjusted soon.


Ward as a mage

But as you said, those affixs are very useful at early stage in this build.
In fact, I added those affixs on items until I have enough ward for map run.
As well, until I used some points to “CRACKING PRECISION” and “REACTION POINT” for comfortable cast.

I forgot it !
Thank you for your advice, I added new table of contents, “leveling”.



well i agree about the elemental protection…

But dont u think necrotic should be take even in late stage ?

Actually lvl 78, 1029 life , got arround 2k7 ward and still get OS by those necrotic mobs in arena ( the one that throw lot of green buble following you ) at stage < 100 , i for sure suppose that im not playing it perfect as i just switch to this build yesterday but still

here is my following stats :

I know im missing the shield but it dont will not change the problem i think



No “Glancing Blow”, no armour or protections, and no block. You’re wondering why you’re dying? You have literally no defence.


Hi, I also seek how to better this build.
Did you craft Potion’s mod onto gears? If so, I am very sorry.

I noticed today,
Sceptre’s “Lightning damage and Lightning damage as leech health” (Prefix) are great useful.
Total “% increased damage” is lesser than when equeip wand, but it gain a lot of leech (12% at T5).

So you can change Elemental Tome relic to other rare item to add Void/Necro protection.
Also, you will feel that potion mods is not necessary, if you craft the affix on Sceptre.
So you can craft more protection mod instead of potion mods!

I am sorry this halfway guide, I will more study about this build on this weekend.

  1. I feel more stun avoidance will be need for comfortable play.
    Do you suffer from stun?
    If you have STRONG MIND amulet, please test it.
my Stats, now lv72

I reached arena , at least 100 stage when I was Lv68.
There is a great difference between you and I, about stun avoidance.

  1. Now, how do you leech as life?
    Life leech is must need for generate ward by teleport skill because “OUT OF BODY” teleport node convert your 30% Current health.
    Your relic is not Elemental tomb (2% leech), It is Soul Fire (0% leech)
    Anyway, could you test the sceptre craft? It Improve survival clearly and if you can craft it, Elemental tomb is not necessary.
    Thank you !


got a nice scepter in the bank , i will try to craft it --> Lightning damage and Lightning damage as leech health + lightning damage , and change the relic also

Leech + potion craft

Actually leeching from the gloves

beside this yup i have potion craft on Helmet +x health gained on potion use , shield x% increased health regen for 4 seconde on potion use

About stunning , hhmm i didnt felt any stun problem , my problem 99% come from the necrotic mob actly

The nod " out of Body " is taking the current amount of HP ? Not on the total maximum hp ?



What is your amulet ?


As DMILLZ said,
Glancing Blow is useful, I did not notice this.
So I fixed about craft in this guide.

Thank you for your advice, DMILLZ !


Wow…I deleted my reply to you.

Did you check to craft lightning damage as leech on Sceptre?
I have convince that it is useful, because I checked it.

Yes, OUT OF BODY refer to your current amount of hp, not your total maximum hp.
So maximum hp is important too.
because OUT OF BODY can generate more ward by enough leech.

about protections

I studied stats in this game from wiki. It say
each protection= Amount of Protection/Total Health Pool + Amount of Protection


X = 500 / (2000 + 500)
X = 0.2
We can save 20% taking damage.


X = 500 / (4000 + 500)
X = 0.11
We can save 11% taking damage.

From above, As I thought, much ward decrease effect of protections.
We can level up more, and can gain more ward, so effect of protections will be lesser and lesser.
So, I think that crafting protections is not much useful to high ward style. (for now)
However, If you think that you need protections for your comfort playing, I recommend it.


Thank you for your question.
I learned a lot about this game !


Hello !

So yes i did tried the scepter craft , sadly not a double T5 but still… so it give more survavibilty yeah, thanks for it :slight_smile: now about the damage i wasnt Ble to test the i didnt find good scepter yet… and i fractured my own…

Well glancing bow is working against spell ? Isnt it only against " hit " to me " hit" is done by melee, no ? Or maybe they count the spell as hit also ?


Glancing blow works against spell, maybe.
Glancing blow do not work against DOT.

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