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Best way to cap resistances?!

Hi there,

I´m currently running a Sential FG and having a ton of fun. Just reached Monolith Lev 90 and was wondering how to really set up my resistances smart to not waste any slots for other affixes. Do you guys only use these double combo affixes like “necrotic and poison” and "physical and void“ ?! Every time I want to add more resistances, I lose some other instead…
What would be the best way to cap resistances??! Thx for a short explanation or advise!

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Yes, Set Affixes are the simplest for the following reasons:

  1. Its double res per affix - Physical & Void, Necro & Poison (triple for Elemental) which saves affix slots and for each item you have, you get a another boost from an existing item with it so its never just the boost from one item - it compounds…
  2. If you change a single item with this affix, it doesnt nerf your resistance entirely which is what happens if you using a single high value res on a single item
  3. It keeps resistances even, which makes it easier to build and gear around as its more predictable.

not saying single res affixes are not good, they have their place, but set affixes are the way to go for most cases.

If you browse some of the best builds for each class you will see that most, if not all of them use the set affixes.


ok, many thx for your detailed answer! I will try to look out for more of this double affixes!

On sentinel there is a little catch, you can spend 15pts into VK (health & void and maxed leech are not a bad idea for VK passives) to unlock devouring orbs.

The orbs skill has a node that when maxed at 6/6 gives 90% ele and void res (5/6 gives 75%)
On the gear you will add about five T4ish set necro & poison res prefix on items, and one or two phys res suffix on items and you’re set with your resists.

About overcapping note that marked for death in the monolith gives -30% resists while the mobs res shreds should give max -40% res with a 20 stack shred according to the tooltip

Most masteries have some ways to get more resists, though some (eg Devouring Orb, Holy Aura) are more effective than others.

Of course i was specifically writing about OP request for res capping since he wrote he is playing FG, so spending 15pts into VK would be worth for him

The names to look out for on drops are Lightbringer (Rare drops from lvl 54+ maps), Purifier (Rare drop from lvl54+ maps) and Enduring(Uncommon drop from lvl 50+ maps).

Considering you are lvl 90, they should drop fairly often… I have multiple alts and have messed up plenty of crafts and I still have over 100 of each in my forge shard bank - although I do find the necro/poison ones slightly harder to find.

Obviously you can also just add a loot filter to highlight them…:wink:


I’m finding suffix’s significantly more efficient at this stage rather than set. Most classes have a way of covering 1 of the 3 groups pretty well through passives, blessings help as well including a huge 15% all resist from emperor, and then t5 single resist affixes can roll up 25-32% which should get you there with a bit of luck. Also a lot of items now have good implicits, such as bone amulet (10-20% phys/necro) and solarum gloves (10-20% phys) and boots (10-20% fire). Shields are now incredibly potent and have an all resist as well.

For reference heres how a few items could get you very close to the cap on a mage, with passives and skills to cover the gap:

This would allow for a whole heap of uniques if your build needed it (such as my soon to be release ignite build!). Set will be better if you really want to push past the cap and protect yourself against shred, but at that stage you’re looking at 12-15 prefix slots!

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I would recommend going Set for Void/Phys and Nec/Pois. Go with regular suffix for Elemental resists. That will free up 5 prefix slots to use on other important things.

The individual resists aren’t good. You would still need 4-5 of each to hard cap the resists so it ends up taking up far more slots. (Hard Resist cap is 115% accounting Shred, 145% accounting Shred and Marked for Death. Not sure how common it will be to encounter both effects, and even at that, is it worth the gear spots?)

Vitality is actually a good stat now. Health regen is a primary way to mitigate DoTs. Vitality and Added Health Regen are both prefix. (Increased health regen is suffix).

You will still need Crit Strike Avoidance, a suffix, although numbers on those are pretty high and you can cap it at 100% with just 3. Flat health is also a suffix.

It really just matters what non-defense things you want, then determine what kind of affix space you have.

Pretty much this. Elemental resistance doesn’t make sense to me. Way too efficient to have one slot address 3 resistances at once. There’s really no variation to going set phys/void and poison/necrotic and going elemental resistance suffix if you’re planning on building defenses via resistances.