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Beginner tips for sentinel

Hi all guys! I’m an old Sacred and Sacred 2 player (since the beginning and still playing these days). I tried a lot of arpgs (GD, TQ, TL) but none of them capture me as S1 and S2. I think last epoch can.
I Just would like to have some tips for a sentinel build . I have two builds in mind. 2 hander critter or classic one handed and shield pally style. What do you think is the most enjoyable? Can you reccomend me a a starting path?
Thanks a lot.

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Sacred 1 & 2 were two of my favourite games of all time (I was mod-erately active on the official forms there as well).

They’re all good, Sentinel is a bit slower to start off with than the other classes, but Rive & Vengeance are good melee skills to start off with & Hammer Throw (with the void aura nodes) is a good non-melee skill to level with.

Edit: Re-speccing skills is easier now in 0.7.10, respeccing passives only costs some gold. The only thing you can’t respec is your mastery, so when you’re presented with that choice, have a think about it - Void Knight is more DPS, Pally/Forge Guard are tankier.

Edit #2: LE gives me a good S1 vibe.

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I think paladin with 1h + shield is a pretty save bet, regardless of what “main skill” you are using.

Paladin has easy access to powerfull defensive stuff. And defense is king in LE. On top of that Holy Aura is mechanically a very interesting skill with a very nice skill tree.

2-Hander critter would not really dictate any given Mastery, since all of them have offensive support as well.

But Void Knight would most likely be the “most offensive” choice, while Forge Guard has cool new specific 2-H nodes in the passive tree.

If you could specifiy a bit what kind of skills you would like to use for a 2-H Crit build i could probably give you some more suggestions?

First things that come to my mind would be:

2-H Void Knight using Erasing Strike(only accessable as Void Knight): Has very great dmg potential and great crit potential.

2-H Forge Guard with Forge Strike and/or Smelterwrath(both are only accessable as Forge Guard)

2-H Warpath (spin2win), which really would not dictate any specific Mastery, except VK can work with Warpath, but you would not experience the great Void Knight Mastery bonus, since it doesn’t work with Warpath). Warpath can easily be build into a 2-H bruiser playstyle, because it has 2-H block support in it’s skill tree.

If you want more suggestions feel free to leave me some mroe data on what palystyles you prefer.


Thanks all for the replies, I really appreciate it. I’m interested in a 2 handed Forge Guard I think Heavy! if you have tips for me for skills and passive planning they’ll be really appreciated
@Llama8 I Have been playing sacred 2 for about 4k hours I think and S1 maybe the double of time. I love mainly the pvp of these games :slight_smile:

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Sorry, totally forgot to do another reply to you.

I really don’t like dictating fleshed out builds to players, since alot of the joy i get out of LE is experimenting and trying out builds and skill combos.

I can give you some generic tips though:

  • If you found one skill that you like particularly and is strong for you, try to not respec that, until you get more specialisation slots, as soon as you unlock more try experimenting with those, but in worst case you always have your one skill that is still working fine
  • Even if going 2-Handed you can invest in Block Chance, even if it’s hard to scale very high (Warpath has awesome 2-H block nodes + Ring Of Shields and Shield Bash do have block nodes)
  • Do not neglect the other 2 mastery passive trees (Void Knight + Pala), especially Pala has awesome early nodes (penetration + block)
  • Together with being able to utilize other masteries passive trees, you can also utilize their respective skills, like VK’s Volatile reversal, that is an awesome skill to help your mana management early on, if you don’t like the spender/filler playstyle, that you are otherwise forced to use as sentinel in most other builds
  • On top of that i would always recommend trying to use at least 1 movement skill, this makes you mechanically more tanky, helping you get out of telegraphed abilities and avoid being surrounded

If you have more specific questions regading skills or skill combos, feel free to ask, but i just didn’t wanted to take the enjoyment of discovering those away from you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much Heavy!

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