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Beginner/leveling/gear Suggestion

I got some kinda of an idea…

in d2 we have Sigon set
in d3 we have Cain’s set
in poe we have Tabula rasha etc…

now my idea—> create a set or items that are good for lvl 1 to … so we get some kind of boost to level up faster & our road to endgame.

How to opbtain these items?
Set droprate of those items/set Higher at low level?
Using crafting/math’s material to craft the item?
Trading with other player’s when multiplayer is released?

I know some will like it,some don’t… but it’s just an idea & since it’s still in beta we can still look & see :wink:

another suggestion, Full health on level up. isnt the case right now

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Which kind of mods would a Tabula Rasa have in LE?

About the Full health on level up, I totally agree with this idea.

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how about ALL RES to everything?maybe some skill boosted items related to every character?
ton’s of options imo
I dunno its a ‘starter’ gear thing :smiley: that would make the leveling progres etc smoother :slight_smile:


when an aura is active add an picture above in screen to see if aura is on or not?
Now i can only see it on the character but sometimes i just dont,maybe cause beta idk… just a simple reminder to see if aura is on or not & wich one :slight_smile:

We realy don’t need stuff to make the game faster now. Leveling gear is something nice for a third or forth season of some kind.

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Its all for future ingame plans.and they are just idea’s and suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a tabula equivalent in LE for one of my unique design. This is the question I’ve been asking myself.

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Well, the catch with a Tabula is that you get a 6L and “pay” for it by getting nothing else on that slot (uncorrupted). Maybe the LE equivalent could be a chest armor that either offers a nice chunk of HP but negative resists, or vice versa? Just like with a Tabula, you’d need to compensate the missing stats in other slots.

Hmm. That sounds more to me like kaom’s heart though.

I can see the similarity. With this game not having anything like links, I would guess that making a “Tabula-like” item would still boil down to offering one nice benefit at the cost of another.

Maybe a nice chunk of something (armor, or HP, or resists, etc) but something like one of these for a cost? I’m in a bit of a brainstormy mood tonight, lol.

  • The player cannot equip any Legendary or Set items
  • The player’s Movement Speed can’t be increased by items or talents (base value only)
  • The player cannot equip any jewelry (Amulet or Rings)
  • The player gets X% reduced healing effect from Potions
  • When using a Potion, the player is poisoned for X% of the amount healed over Y seconds
  • The player’s Health and/or Mana regeneration rates are reduced by X%
  • The mana cost of skills is increased by X%

I tried to keep the ideas generic so the item would be useable by any class. If these aren’t the kind of thing you’re looking for, hopefully it at least helps with the creative juices :slight_smile:


So in my eyes the basic concept of the tabula is that it gives you a boost in order to help you get to the end game right in which case you swap it out for something that gives actual stats. A really easy and lazy version for in this game would be something that gives you an EXP boost but lets say maybe increases dmg taken or something along those lines. Not flashy or creative in anyway but definitely a quick replacement if what youre looking for is a tabula equivalent.

OR something you could do is make it like a ring where you can only have that ring equipped and cannot utilize the other ring slot but it gives like an EXP or dmg boost because thats kinda like the main idea for the tabula in PoE is that it provides and insane increase in dmg until you can reach end game content in the game and you can then replace it.
So maybe something along the lines of EXP boosts or flat dmg boosts and it takes up ye know like a helmet slot and then they cant equip a chest or something silly idk its kinda hard to translate items such as that to a game that doesnt have a similar skill use system.

Its not about tabula tough.i mentioned items that are helping those games to level up and smoother/faster endgame. Its just an idea so dont get to excited about it :sweat_smile:

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