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Begginner fire mage - how to spec skill?

hi guys,

beginner fire mage here.

I have no idea how to further spec skills - can you help?

Im running my noob fire mage with fire nova and fireball for single target dps. Clvl 35, atm with Calamity and CinderSong taht i will equip at clvl 40.

on nova - i got Arcane Projection, Luminaire, Silenced Spark…but what else…I will have 8 points to alocate. shall I get firey destruction and immolation? what about arcane elementorium for base nova damage?

how to spec focus? i have mana flooded 4/4.

on my single target dps firaball Im gonna get nodes leading up to Dancing fire and on righthand bottom to seekers ash. what else?


Mage is by far not my best char, but when ever i tried builds i ended up using Volcanic Orb, a main dps or strong medium cooldown.

Depending on how you wanna play you can spec volcanic orb to be Long, mid or close range.
Espeically for bigger Mobs the shrapnels are insane, if your orb travels THROUGH the Mobs all shrapnels will hit that mob and if you spec shrapnel pierce you even clear out smaller Mobs

Also if you like FIREBALL, try using Meteor, there is a new node that gives your FIREBALL mana on hit when yo ucast Meteor recently.

Depending on what defensive mechanic you wanna go you can take either flame ward or teleport, while flame ward can be specced for burst and medicore sustain ward, both are good and can even be combined if you wish.

As i said im no expert one mage, jsut recently leveld one with the new patch and used Volcanic Orb as main dps spell, then black hole as cd for bigger mobs or big mob groups(shoot volcanic orb into the black hole)

Teleport + Flame ward for def(ward and Focus with mana gain(top rght section fully spcced, because i took black hole 200 mana node)

thank you for the tips :smiley: