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Beastmasters: please advise on best spell to spam

Hi BMs, I am currently building a 4+ pet build where I want to stay out of combat but spam something useful. Current thinking is either I will spam:

a) Maelstrom: hitting enemies and pets for damage and heal
b) Entangling Roots: for cc and heal
c) Ice Thorns: for damage and cc

Any advise? Something else? Thanks

If you want to go with lots of pets, id probably recommend using 3 and then having roots and serpent strike. Roots for CC and heal is really really good, almost a must take and serpest strike dodge is amazing (you dont even need to hit anything to get the dodge) plus a lot of beastmaster passives rely on you hitting with a melee skill and it has the best range

Avalanche is another great option, combined with tempest strike @Ghostlight