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Beastmaster Slayer

Beastmaster serpent strike can kill all bosses (very fast)


Good stuff as always

Funny how you almost need to be an athlete to talk build guide in LE, so much to talk about, you sounds out of breath :grinning:

Yeah I’m way outta shape lol. And while recording I try to focus on pronunciation I forget to breath

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:smiley: written guides help too.

my speech to text isnt working atm

Very cool build! I haven’t played around with serpent strike yet, but after watching this, I feel like i’m missing out! Thank you for creating this video and sharing!


Nice Build!
But it´s hard to level that Way.
Actually im Lvl 52 and get my Ass kicked at the Archivar und Lagon.
It´s tough to switch a lot of Gear just to get the Elemental Protection in some Areas.
The Temple is th worst caudse i need Lightning and Cold.
Unfortunately i have no such Gear, so i had to Use a Unique Weapon with Lightning Protection.But whatever i do, Phase 2 of Lagon kills me cause of the Cold Damage.
That “The Fang” is a must makes it not easier for me.
I try to figure out another Way to level ans use this Build again when i have the needed Items.

Nice build, boss dps and culling strike, i believe the clear speed is not so great, i’m right ?

Mono is still fast pets just do there thing

Now that i got the Claw i´m confused.
I can summon only 3 Wolves instead of 4 (my max. Amount of Companions).
When i summon 4 Wolves uand summon the Scorpion, 1 Wolve leaves.
Do i understand the Claw wrong?

The amulet allows you to summon wolves up to your maximum number of companions (4), however since if already have a Scorpion out then that takes up 1 companion “slot” leaving you with a max of 3 wolves (if you still want the Scorpion out).

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Please don’t change your pronounciations of the skills, those are hidden gems :rofl:

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There’s two schools of thought on that…

3 (wolves) + 1 (scorpion) = Max 4 companions
4 (wolves) = Max 4 companions
4(wolves) + 1(scorpion) = 5!!! You cant have 5 max yet

Its hard to relearn anyways so ill say i was told to continue



For leveling, especially Lagon, speccing Fury Leap with Pack Leader will get your wolves to jump with you, allowing them to dance around ground effects with you which makes keeping them alive much easier. Fury Leap also has minion support points as well, although none of the cooldown resets will be particularly useful in this build, so save it for when you need it.

Every time I think I’m ready for a break from LE, I see a new build that sounds fun, and almost every time it’s from Boardman21 lol.

I guess it’s time to dig up my old Beastmaster and revamp him!

Haha well if you like this one you shoukd definitely try the katest one i posted last week with 6 wolves anf giving up to 600% atk speed. Its crazy

Haha thanks, the 6 crazy wolves is definitely fun! I was just around 60 on the previous build so making the conversion was pretty painless. You must be good luck because I got the unique helm in just a few tries today. I miss my big scorpion a bit but I guess I can always revisit him some other day.

Building up the protections will take some time for defense, but otherwise it’s going very well so far. Even with just some fairly random gear I made it to level 50 in the arena at level 64.

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