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Beastmaster Revamp Ideas


I feel like Beastmaster and his pets lack both functionality and maybe even survivability. So here are some thoughts I have for the future of the mastery.

Beginning thoughts about specific aspects of the mastery

  • I feel like the “downed” functionality could be improved on, either through the tree or by default.
  • Bear and its tree. It lacks some cool stuff, and it’s tree feels out of place with the caster route. I feel like it needs some more tank stuff and possibly some crowd control.
  • Pet commanding needs some more options to create and fiddle with tactics for your pets.

Thoughts on how to improve the specific aspects of the mastery

  • Downed: It could be improved by increasing the range at which you can revive your pet. I feel like the range is very small and you have to stay too close to the pet, which feels very punishing if you are a melee build especially. It isn’t as bad if you are a caster or also use totems.
    • There could even be nodes on the tree that further improved your stats, when you are reviving a pet from it’s downed state. Either giving you increased melee attack range, attack speed or increased dmg, or just a way to revive your pet faster. It does take a while if it happens, and since you are a pet down, which is often stronger than you, it feels really rough.
  • Bear: I would prefer to remove the whole caster route and do something completely different with it.
    • It could be changed into a super tank route, and have it be able to taunt or some way of generating threat.
    • An interesting point from Lonestar McFluffin was to have other pets that fight close to the bear have some sort of buff with better stats, and a way for them to stay close to the bear as a result.
    • Make it into a Polar Bear, and give it some cool crowd control options, like freeze and chill. Maybe make the roar ability freeze or chill nearby enemies.
    • Give the right side of the tree some more play around stun and or bleed.
  • Pet commander: The upcoming changes to the A command is certainly a nice improvement, and it’s needed to break boxes and for better focus of enemies. But I feel like it really needs some more, not just the A command, but pet focus and the ranges at which they attack.
    • At the moment they like to run off screen and attack, even before I know there are enemies incoming, so first of all I think the range at which the pets pick up a target should be decreased.
    • Furthermore I think there should be some kind of way to add tactics to the way you fight with your pets as a Beastmaster, you are afterall the leader of your pack of pets. That should be reflected in combat. I think it could be done with a pet bar to which there are a simpler version and an advanced version for.
      • Simple: Set all pets to be aggressive, or stay close to you until you attack or enemies come too close, which they will then attack.
      • Advanced: On each pet, there is a way to set them to aggressive or passive, but also determine what kind of enemy they target. Some pets could be set to focus on weaker enemies, like mages, or rangers, while other pets could be set to focus on tougher enemies like bosses or tanks. This would make it feel like you are working together with your pets, knowing their strengths and change how you fight with them.

I hope you all can see sense in my thoughts and suggestions, but these changes are something that I would love to see, to feel like a real Beastmaster.
I also hope this starts a discussion and that you all come up with ideas of your own, or improvements or critiques to mine. :smiley:

Reimagining Primalist Pets

I am just replying to add my support to Reimer and all that he has posted. I think these things would be a great place to start for sure.


Don’t you take away my caster bear!!! On a more serious note, these are great ideas, and to expand on the bear stuff, I think it would be especially cool, thematic, and add depth if the bear could become a true tank, something that pulls threat similar to how the bone golem can, but that will also be followed by other pets, allowing them to play more into the role of “DPS” while the bear is the tank. I think this would also fit the idea that you and your pets are a team, or even a “party” working together and filling different roles.


As we also talked about in McFluffin’s stream, instead of changing the bear to a Polar Bear, make it focused around earth, since we got the Ice Tiger already. So like rooting to stop enemies and stomping to create difficult terrain that would slow the enemy or something.


Hey guys, just want to let you know that this is circling around internally right now


That sounds great! We discussed it further on the stream and found that since you are sacrificing a lot of affix slots for your pets, you yourself can end up becoming quite squishy, thereby losing the theme of going into melee battle with your pets.
I don’t feel it is as much an issue for the acolyte, since she gets so many pets to tank for her as well as different kinds of ward generation, leech, and health regen options.


To this point I think it would be nice if the wording on the second +1 companion node was changed so that you only have to do dmg of any kind and not just melee dmg for the negative part of the node to be undone.


Awesome to hear. Tell Leroy we didnt mean to gang up on him :wink:


He took the week off, related? :thinking: :smile:


Yikes! xD