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Beastmaster freeze on crashes clicking skill bar or opening skill menu

When you try clicking on the skill bar or opening the skill menu the game freezes. Every time you try do this, the freeze gets longer and longer
edit: took all skills of my bar and i am still getting half second freezes but no longer the 1+minute freezes and crashes. will keep trying some stuff out and editing this comment

Let me add more:

  1. Open skills freeze for 20-30s;
  2. Changing to any other mastery on passives freeze for 20-30s;
  3. Using alt to see skills description freeze.
  4. With skill window open and try to change skills on skill bar (botton) freezes for nearly 40s.
  5. Summoned Pets disapear after you use portal and go back.
  6. Leave the game to character selection and try to enter freezes the game on load screen for 2 minutes. This not prevent freezes on windows skills/passives gone, it adds more time to freeze.

OBS.: some type of code/buffer not cleaned and it’s increasing the time to open this windows with freeze: more you play, more they freeze. After restart the game I don’t have the freeze.

I start having this problem after last patch.

Info about machine:

  1. Playing all in maximized window;
  2. Graphic settings: ultra, no vertical sinc;
  3. 2 monitors: 1x ultra-wide 32 ( 2560x1080) 120 hz (Gamming) , 1x 23" (1920x1080)
  4. RX 580 4GB
  5. Ryzen 5 1600 6xCore

Sorry about this! I haven’t had this happen to me and I’ve just tried. Before continuing, make sure you’re on the latest update (0.7.7b).

Could you both post screenshots of your skills/skill trees and passives? A log file of a play session when it happened would be ideal; restart the game, make the bug happen, and then upload the log. Your system information would help too.


@Nequam I realize all the bugs you’re seeing are quite similar, but I’d like to focus on the skills panel issue first so it’s easier to track down.

I can 100% reproduce this issue with my beastmaster (created before patch).

Just log in, start spamming S-key to open/close skills menu and it keeps getting slower and slower (very noticeable after 50+ clicks).

Logging out to character selection and logging back in doesn’t fix it. Restarting client does.

I’d be very interested in seeing all your skill trees and a log file, thanks for taking the time to report!

i forget how to do log files

My colleague helpfully posted a link in a previous post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here it is again: The Game’s Log File.

Here is video showing my skills and how I reproduce it:

In video I just:

  1. Open and close skills menu
  2. Open and close skill selection from toolbar

After 1min of repeating this you can already see some lag when opening skills menu and when opening skill selection from toolbar.

Log file:
Player.log (12.5 KB)

A note: I respec some points from Beastmaster to Druid.
Link to images:
Log: Player.log (12.0 KB)

Did some test. The problem is using the “S” key. I rebind to another key and problem is gone.

Thank you very much for the detailed and informative reports.

We have managed to reproduce the issue internally.

And this is a video for explain the same pb I have.

when I put My mouse on the entrangling roots the sreen freeze. Same when I open skills window. When the game start it’s ok but more time I’m playing more longer the freeze stay.

A fix for this issue will be included in Patch 0.7.7c.

Thanks again for the reports!

Nah! Bug come back again. Isn’t the “S” key the issue. Sorry.
Well, Ill wait the patch. Impossible play with this bug =/ .

Are you able to play other classes until then?

Il try another class to see what happen. Thank you.

The skill window lag disappeared after the last patch. Thanks for the correction.

However, I found another bug. In the form of a bear, after respec 1 point from the passive skills window of the druid I lost the springgan ability, because I was at the limit of the necessary points, all the skills on my skill bar disappeared. I was unable to relocate them (still in bear form).

It was necessary to leave and enter the game again and put all skills back on the bar.

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