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Beastmaster (custamizable companions/minions)

Minions/Companions need a bit of love and there are alot of ways to do it and im sure the devs have a way in mind, but i jut wanted to throw out a new concept that might be difficult but would definitely diversify everyones pet builds, here it is

Step 1. Player unlocks minion/companion skill, for this example lets look at wolves and skeletons. In the inventory interface there would be muiltiple tabs, 1 like there is now for the palyer gear and a 2nd tabs for pets/minions/companions. Everytime a minion skill is unlocked its woulb be activated in this interface so you could put pet exclusive gear on them making them look different/be stronger and such. The gear you put on them would only be allowed to have minion affixes. Totems would not be included in this category and would still gets its boost from player equipment using new Totem affixes (seperate from minions). The gear in this slot would automatically affect the minion type it represents once its summoned. Gear should be made to be worn only by that minion type (obviously if you can have 60 wraiths wearing top gear they would never die) so a wolves armor would be better than a skeletons armor just due to the sheer number of minions you would have, obviously balancing would be needed.

Pets now level up, thats right you gotta go out there and train them and level them up by using them! Yea this is unlikely to happen to complex/difficult/time consuming, but would be cool :slight_smile: As your pet levels its stats scale with its level, not yours and it has to be higher level to wear top gear (still has to meet the level requirements)

and lastly, to make all minions more balanced, they all start at 1 base damage and now you equip pet weapons on them just like you would your main character. Since you can have 3?4? wolves its weapon would be 1/4 the power of say the bear that you can only have 1 of. can have 10 skeletons? its weapon of same tier has 1/10th base of a bears weapon and so fourth for balance.

Like i said unlikely this will happen, but for minion builds definitely would get the player to interact more with them, raise them, equip them, love them, use them, and each build from player to player would be dramatically different.

as i read this after i type it, i realized it sounded dumb but going to post anyways.

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Nice idea. I had similar thoughts about using items to buff minions inspired by the manifested armor. It has skillnodes that allow him to use weapon and shield that scale with your own weapon.

I was thinking about acolytes skeletons looking not that impressive. So give the necromancer tree a skill that allows him to sacrifice items when summoning a minion. The items stats are carried over to the minion and the item would be consumed. Also that item should be visible on the summoned minion. For example you could summon a skeleton by sacrificing an 2h axe and that skeleton will wield this axe.

Because this would be an expensive way to summon minions there could also be a passive skill that will increase the chance that the skeleton drops its item when it dies.

The type of weapon you would use for summoning could also determine what class of skeleton you will summon. A bow would summon an archer, a melee weapon would summon a warrior and so on.

With companions I would go the way that they get their own inventory as you have stated in your post.

Balancing this mess is none if my business :yum:. Let this be done by the specialists. :grin:

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