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Beastmaster - can't summon more than one pet

EDIT - solved
Yesterday I had achieved a beastmaster mastery, and once I’ve allocated passive skill points to it I am not able to summon more than one pet. Before unlocking mastery I was able to summon 2 wolfs and a sabertooth. Now every time I try to summon second pet it keeps reseting first one - doesn’t matter if it is different pet or a second wolf. Moreover wolf-skill acts as if I haven’t unlocked “+1 summon” node in skill tree.
Am I doing something wrong or maybe I don’t understand how these skills work?
Thank you for help!

Primalist skilltree:
Beastmaster skilltree:
Wolf skilltree:

Player.log (13.0 KB) Player-prev.log (18.9 KB)

Looks like you put a point in the “you can only have 1 companion” node (Artor’s Loyalty, 1 point node, in the middle of the “requires 5 points” line).

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LLama8 thank you so much!
My bad for not reading everything before posting…

:smiley: You aren’t the first & won’t be the last. Needless to say, I am flawless & have never done that myself.

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