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[Beastmaster] ""Aspect of the Shark" + "Howl" active from Wolves

A very small bug, not a big inconvenience so far :

Aspect of the Shark procs when you Howl for wolves (VERY easy to replicate/test, just have the passive and howl with no ennemies nearby : get aspect of shark buff + extra stats)
Apparently its on any minion active? Or at least with fury swipes too

Another Howl bug : When attacking and destroying barrels, it can proc howl (and it shouldnt as its a chance on kill for wolves not for the player, or so the description reads). I dont know if its only barrels or any “player kill”, i’d assume its any player kill but havent tested extensively

Thanks, I’ve confirmed the Aspect of the Shark bug. I haven’t encountered any of my kills proccing the Wolf’s Howl, so make sure your Wolf isn’t killing anything itself.

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