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Base Mana Regen Suggestion


[Posted this on the discord earlier, but someone said I should post it here too]

Base mana regen should scale to some degree with your max mana, as it currently doesn’t feel great to build max mana. It moreso means you can get off a little more burst, but then just have to wait even longer to get back to your max mana value. Although, I also understand that having a scaling value too high could cause issues. As such, I’d like to suggest that your base mana regen be equal to 5 + 5% of your max mana. This would leave it at 10 for the base 100 mana, 15 for 200, and 20 for 300. Also, mana regen as a mod should be a little more accessible from items, and I think it should appear on amulets and relics.


Agree. Voted on the idea. But I suppose how much to scale can be left to the devs to tinker.


Mana Reg and HP reg should scale with attributes. Int % mana reg, Vitality % HP reg. It’s to easy any other way I can think of and both stats interact with mana usage without buffing the mana reg of classes who poop on int.

Class definition is in my opinion something that’s needed a lot more.


Int giving mana regen would be really REALLY broken.

Also classes would still need to build mana to take advantage of my proposed buff. You wouldn’t be getting buffed regen without investment. Sentinel, for example, doesn’t have many nodes that increase max mana, and won’t have access to large mana amounts without a sceptre.

There would still be class definition with this change. Classes that focus around spells inherently have more mana access via passives.


I love this so much. It would actually have a bit of diminishing returns, since the first flat 5 regen is a smaller % the more mana you have. 5 of 100 is 5%, but 5 of 200 is only 2.5%. It takes a lot of investment to get to 300+ mana, so it’s a tradeoff.


A dimishing return is a must. Last time I looked mana was craftable so there are a lot of possibilitys to get it. If they simply add x mana improves refresh by x it might get bonkers. Right now most mana classes have ways in their skilltrees to make spells free and stuff like that, so I still think .25% increase per int might be a better solution because how do you want to balance how much mana brings how much regen? I realy don’t want to see metoeor spamming mages just because they can ^^.


I’m wondering what the devs think about this discussion and the suggestions posted here :smiley:


I’m pretty sure they are already talking about it and just wait untill they communicate an answer ;).


Hey guys, we have this topic and forum thread slated for discussion in our next game design meeting. Thank you for the suggestion and providing the reasoning behind it!