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Bad Crafting System

Crafting System 90% chance to improve the item and with more than half of the attempts the item breaks ridiculous

Yes, we need more threads about this.

Edit: Though it would be nice to know if @Mike_Weicker got anywhere with that investigation.

I guess this well known, same thing for me. The amount of 90% I broke is absurd.

Guess I’ve been lucky in this regard as most of my percentages seem to hit around the correct amount most of the time.

It actually happened to me several times a few days ago. I just thought well it’s rng, i can’t craft successfully all the time.

I broke 2 or 3 items at 90/93 %, and i guess i was indeed using a glyph. My memories are too shallow to be sure.

It can also happen that at 93% an item breaks but not 5 out of 10 times that is not 93%

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I wasted a lot of crafting mats just to do 90% crafts and nothing out of the order happened. Maybe it’s time a streamer does a 1k crafts at 90% fracture chance video :D.

I knew I should have posted this here instead.

I managed to fracture a white item… Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

Same for me.

Usually I use Glyph of Stabilty only one or two times when starting to craft something then Glyph of Guadian for the rest, and it usually first bricks at the 50-70% range.

ROFL if it makes you feel any better I fractured on a 98% rune of removal.

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damn…while playing with my VK toon, I shattered a perfect exhalted Kraken beak with a tier 7 void damage at 96%. I swear the shattering sound actually came from my heart.


Okay I liked that post, not because I liked your pain, but because I could feel your shattered heart from way over here. :flushed:

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I liked his pain.


I don’t share this sentiment, I seemed to have reasonably reasonable crafting rates. If anything, I was bonked how many 50% odds were successful.
Not denying the truthfulness of the claims though.


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