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Baby Scorpions

Anyone have any information on baby scorpians? Here’s what i would like to know

  1. Do they have same stats as the scorpian? resist/life/base damage.
  2. Does the scorpian tree affect them at all other than just the 4 nodes in the bottom left
  3. Do they get the poison on hit chance from entangling roots like the scorpian himself?
  4. Are they a companion or a minion? yes theres a difference for some of the passive skill nodes

Can we please get icons for them at the top of the screen with health bars? there so small i wanna see if there alive and how fast they die. Thank you :slight_smile:

This question could use a bit of Dev Love. Companions or minions- enquiring minds want to know!

There’s a post here from the devs that say that the baby scorps are minions (& therefore can’t be revived), but I’m seeing them go into a downed state & be revivable but only by their “mother”. I’ve no idea what stats they have/etc though.

Thats my post… lol. And baby scorpion are the scorpions minions, not ours. Thats why the mother revives them not us.

I totally noticed that…

I feel like the devs may be trying (or perhaps should) to make a distinction between minions (need to be resummoned when they die) and companions (can be revived when they die) despite both benefiting from the same mods (minion damage/health/etc).

What you say about the babies being the mother’s minions makes sense, but it’d be nice if the mother’s AI could be tweaked to have it go & automatically res the downed babies outside of combat without having to be dragged over.

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