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Auto picking up shards and runes, and pausing (single mode) needed!

I just find my inventory has maybe more than total 15k shards. :rofl:
Picking up these shard one by one and stash them might had taken me lots of time.
So I just hope this work can be done by just walking across them :rofl:

The other thing is to have pausing (at least in single mode), I think it will be great help. :rofl:


Oh yes thats something I said as well. Autopickup for shards should be a QoL thing.


Autopick could have more range too

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Im against this because it would even further the speed of the game and some builds would never stop because they pick up all the intresting stuff while driveby murdering everything.


Definitely in favor for auto-pickup on shards. Like with gold, there is no reason NOT to pick it up, thus it should be automated. ARPGs are the genre with the most profound wrist injuries, so anything to allelviate that would be awesome.

Ive asked for autopickup on components in Grim Dawn for years, but they never added it there :frowning:

Ive heard talk about auto pick up on shards and ive heard the devs were leaning both ways on this but decided on its current state. Arts gave me a really good reason why this was but i just dont remember what it was.


A good news to you, Grim Dawn have autopick on components already. Have fun my friend.

Agree for autoloot rune and also yeah why not the pause in solo game.
I would like the color of crafting mat to be another color than unique items 吁omething like grey, orange or dunno but not brown ?
This feedback teased my mind since a moment because of a friend He was at house and when he saw crafting mat drop he keep saying : Wow ! an unique item , identify and lets see劣e really guessed it was a good item lol ^^ So i had to explain him its was just crafting material and isaw on this face this disapointment.

Yeah, let me +1 this request for auto looting/stashing of crafting materials. Its not something people wont pickup, so it should very well be auto picked up. Dont go the PoE way of creating content that is supposed to be ignored in favor of speed. 99% of us arent speed running the game.

Now autoloot for non-crafting mats, Im very much against. This way the game would just become a drive-by magnet.

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Ah nice, but with over 1000 hours on GD im ready for a different game to sink my teeth in. :slight_smile:

Just want to say Im in favor of auto pick up for crafting materials as well. :slight_smile:


+1! Would also like it if shards and other crafting mats were stashed automatically rather than having to click the Stash Materials button. Also, a way to increase pick up radius would be nice e.g. an affix like +1 potions and increased pick up radius (or increases pick up radius by X%).

Im currently against auto-stashing, but pro auto-pickup as an option. I dont stash all shards since I tend to sell quite a lot of them (playing HC Solo there is a need for gold for my gambling addiction before most gear has reached an OK level)

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Ah yes, thats a fair point. I havent found the need for gold myself so didnt think about it that way. Perhaps a way to sell shards once stashed would be better, I just dont like the inventory clutter and dont see any real benefit to it.

+1 for auto pickup from my side. Auto stashing could be an option that can be toggled on an off.


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