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Aspect of the Boar - intentional or bug?

I’ve noticed while being attacked by a crowd of enemies, Aspect of the Boar wasn’t activating. Upon investigating, I can tell you that only melee attacks are activating Aspect of the Boar. Is this intentional? I assumed that being ‘hit’ would count as anything that wasn’t a DoT (ice vortex, poison pools, etc). Considering only melee attacks activate it, now I wonder if it’s only reducing melee damage taken instead of all damage?

Yeah, Aspect of the Boar is only procing on melee hits, which is not what the tooltip says (it just refers to “hits”, not “melee hits”).

The tooltip is wrong-- it should say melee hits. Sorry about that. It is reducing all damage though, not just melee damage. I’ll adjust the tooltip for next patch.

Excellent, thank you very much.

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