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[ASK THE DEVS] Detailed character/combat info and overall viability of classes/skills

didn’t want to clog up the discord “ask the devs” channel with too long a question so… two-parter here, hoping to get some developer insight:

  1. might we eventually see a more granular breakdown of combat stats/results (ie. combat channel/log showing damage source/type/amount/mitigation/etc.; ) and/or more detailed character sheet info (ie. origin of the parts contributing to the totals shown for chances, resistances, etc.; eg: increased spell damage total as X% from skill A, Y% from skill B, Z% from items 1, 2, 3 etc.)

  2. are EHG collecting/monitoring metrics for classes played, passive & skill nodes utilized and skill trees as leveraged to, hopefully, help ensure that aspects – good or bad – of the game can be improved, balanced, tweaked… whatever… to ensure a widely rounded experience? this is with the understanding that some viability/synergy between chosen skills for a given character reinforce one another/“make sense.” not asking for the presumption that any skills, regardless of combination allow one to face-roll content. more looking for variety of builds and “oh, hey… this might be fun try” epiphany builds.


Completely agree that this is missing from the interface today. I am still trying to baseline damage because I have no idea what the base damage is. How do I pptomize scaling?

They should put a DPs calculator right into that interface so we can better understand it.

Skill tooltip is work in progress. I am courious what it will look like.

I hope for something like this:

  • Skill damage: xxx - yyy // zzz DPS
  • Base damage AAA
  • Modifiers:
  1. 10% (from [node name])
  2. 30% (from [item name])

Right now its it’s really not easy to find out if an item swap has a good effect or not. Actually I am beating the training dummy near the arena entrance and try to compare the damage numbers that pop up. But this is more of a guess than anything else. And for defensive stats there is nothing atm.

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