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Arriving dead at waypoint

I took the waypoint from Council to Precipice. I arrived dead with the message appearing before the “map” did and had no time to see my character or react to any enemy that may have been there (can’t really see anyone in pic either?).

I presume this is a bug, can not see how it is intentional. Even if there were to be an enemy there one would probably have some kind of protection for half a second after arriving?

Not sure what other information to add. It was first time I encountered it, character was a lvl10 HC Solo. Not sure if my systems information is needed here, will add if requested.


Similarly, Magma Gorn I skipped ended up killing me while I was traveling from the Ancient Cavern to the Precipice:

Thanks for the report. We currently have a system in place where any enemies that would be within aggro range of a waypoint are removed, so I’m not sure how this happened. I’ve taken the waypoint myself and had no issues. If you do run into this again let us know.

@Tunk The player will be invincible (and unable to move) during time rift sequences in 0.7.6.

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