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Armour/Protections % and confusing people

There was a fair bit of chat in-game over the weekend about how protections work and it seemed quite apparent that some people are getting quite confused by the % in the Armour & Protections section of the character stats tab. As LE seems to be doing the damage calculations quite differently compared to most other ARPGs that people are likely to play, I think that having the % on the stats sheet confuses people & makes them think that protections function like resistances in the other games.

I would, therefore, propose that the % line is removed (as I don’t think that it’s used per se in the damage calc) and potentially, add a simplified damage calc in the tooltip for those enquiring minds who want to know how it works.

As far as I learned last week in the forums the % is being used in the calculation. The % value tells you how much damage will be negotiated.

So the problem is that the max hp is also involved in the calculation. So the % value alters with the decrease and increase of protection and hp.

The following thing happens:
You decrease only your hp pool - your protection % increases for all of your stats. The conclusion would be that reducing hp increases your protection and is a good thing. And that is obviously not right.

But when you reduce your hp about 5 and increase all protections also about 5 you also increase your protection %. Effectively you are in the same spot.

So how should we judge if the new item is better than the old one. The % only is misleading.

What tells you if you have made an improvement is the sum of hp and protection. My suggestion would be to implement that in the stats screen below the % numbers of each protection. When this value

  1. increases = :+1:
  2. decreases = :-1:

Not if this is correct, the % is an output (your armour is reducing the physical damage you take by x%) rather than an input (a calculation is done on your armour & stuff which gives a % which then reduces the hp you lose).

After a bit more thought, I think the % is at best a useful guide but as you say, it could lead to the “wrong” decision (of reducing your HP to make the % increase which will obviously make you less tanky rather than more).

Would you mind linking the thread where they say that the % is used in the calculation ('cause I’m lazy)?

To put it short:

Incoming dmg - resists = Ward/HP loss

All protective means (Resis, reduced dmg taken, glancing blow, block armor, block protection…) against a dmg type are calculated and substracted from the dmg you take.

Here is the link:

After the discussion this sounds correct. Also there is an older post on this forum that’s related on dev feedback from discord.
This is an awesome post about mechanics:

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