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Arena Keys in 0.7.0d

This could just be a case of I should play better but it feels punishing for the key to only drop after 5 consecutive monolith runs without dying. Dying at 4 then having to do 5 more before you can get a key is rough.

Edit: Even worse is doing 4 runs then not being able to complete the 5th because of boss/objective not spawning.

I’m with you on this one. I’d say keep the guaranteed key every 5th monolith, but keep a 10%+ chance each time as well.


Or because you Need to go offline… Progress should be saved, as Long as you log out in the Echo of Time Isle between Timelines.

On-Topic: Yeah, the 4 Levels inbetween also feel a bit…superficial when you know you can’t gain a key. well, the first four anyway, afterwards there IS a 5% Chance (which is a bit low IMHO).

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What i would really like to see is that you are able to pause the current arena run and continue after work if you really wanna push far. Also it would make sense that you get a guaranteed unique after each 100 or 200 waves or sth. if you decide to leave the arena.

I get more keys now.
Ran 20 timelines and more without key before so i m glad to have 1 save after 5.

Edit: i mean max was 21 conquered in a row without key…

But to the OP’s point, have a small percentage chance on the in-betweens. :slight_smile: So 1-4, 6-9, etc. while still guaranteeing a key on every 5th one.


I understand your point and I’m sure there will be changes to this in the future. But imho it’s better than it was previously atleast I get one guaranteed after 5. I’ve went 10+ many many times without getting a key

Another option is to have them drop every 5th completion, but not necessarily the 5th consecutive completion. Dying on the 5th run sucks, and makes the previous 4 runs feel like wasted time. I’ve had a few builds struggle initially to get 5 in a row early on, which got frustrating.

I would like to see the 5% chance for non-multiples of 5 be added to the first four monolith runs as well (currently that only happens from 6 onwards).

Saving your progress on logout would also be a fantastic improvement.


This is my biggest complaint so far. I can usually only play an hour at a time, so it makes it hard to earn keys. I’m hoping the chance for a key gets changed to a percentage on every timeline completed. The current system really makes the first 4 timelines seem like a waste of time

Leave the game open?

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