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Arena and Monolith - possibly additions & suggestions

It came to by mind that for Monolith:

  • what about adding - Maybe every 5th Level (so 5, 10, 15, 20) you would get a diminish stat on you instead an increasing on the enemy. So instead of “for the next 3 rounds, enemys have 30% more Health” - YOU have 20% less Health. Or 20% less attack and cast Speed. Or 25% less resistances. Or 60% less armor. 30% less damage.

I`d love that! it could also only occur after you managed to beat 15, 20 or 25 Monoliths. And then they come random, or set every 3-5 Levels or something.

I think this would make you think even more about the challenge ahead, and you had to adjust even more and Play differently. Fun fun fun! :slight_smile:

And for Arena:

  • what about different Maps for Arena, and they rotate every 25 Levels or something. E.g. the first 5 rounds or so you have the current map - enemys coming from 2 sides. And at lvl 25, map switches to another one where they come from the top, from 2 Floors. And lvl 51-75, they come from left and Right. Or all from one side only.

And every 50 Levels, you get to fight a boss or something in a “boss Arena”, where come 4 rounds of Little stronger Folks, and then the final boss. And then lvl 51 is again a new Arena, until 75, then it changes, and at 100 another boss you look Forward to defeating.

I know Arena aint gonna be “the endgame”, but even just for as it is, I find it would be a neat improvement and add diversity :smiley:

Hmmm your idea for the Monolith will hurt a lot and may lead to problems. Stacking buffs for enemys are easy to follow but if you have stacking debuffs on top of this for your toon things get messy.
The bigger question is how those buffs and debuffs work because with 50% less armor for example there is no way to grind up to the 50th in the monolith. On top of that the whole monolith seems to be resetting itself every now and then because fighting vs enemys with 798% more dmg dealt is np and fighting vs enemys with 801% more dmg leads to an instant death.
If you reduce the players resis in any way you even reduce the ability of players to climb in the monolith to higher stages and I think it’s in a pretty good spot already.

No idea about arena. Since the Monolith is there the arena seems to be totaly useless.

I was inspired by masochist mode.

In Monolith, I don’t usually spend much thought or fore-thought. It doesn’t matter much (to me anyway) which modifications I have taken… Whether it’s 15% more dmg and crit, or 50% more protections on enemies… It’s scaling, but the difference is rather low.

Of course it had to be balanced. -50% armor seems a bit rough, but 15-20% maybe.

Besides appearing in higher monolith levels, It could be optional too, as in, a debuff appears with a buff always, e.g. +30% enemy health or - 15% movement speed for you. And you don’t always get debuffs available (every few levels).

A little optional extra challenge.

Insted of that, can we have the option to start the Monolyth and the Arena from a higher level once we have passed that level with a character?

This would make me sad. You don’t loose your progress if you log out… that’s okay but starting on higher levels just because you managed to do them in the past is… meh. I like the approach to see how much i can handle and to start over again when it get’s to much.

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