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Are Vale Spirits considered minions?

Are Vale Spirits from the Spriggan Form ability considered minions, or are they just a spell?

Good question. I think they are considered Minions. I want to know the answer too because I love Spriggan form Vale Spirit build. So fun!!!

They are minions

Thank you for this!

Can I piggyback off this question? I am trying to understand poision chance. I am doing a Physical build (Druid/Primalist) using Vale Spirits and Thorn Bears and then using my own Hurricane physical. If I use the poison on the tree which gives poison to me and my minions, does that work for the Vale Spirits, my Hurricane, and the Bears?

Your talking about envenom in Beastmaster right? The node tooltip says % chance to poison on hit with melee so no it wont work with maelstrom (hurricane). It will only apply on your bears melee hits not the thorns procs. As for vale spirits again only if they melee attack.

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