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Are these skills useless?

Marrow Shards
Hungering Souls
Soul Feast

Is anyone using these skills? If so, to what success? I am currently looking for fun builds that are viable at the Wave 150+ range. I haven’t play-tested any of these skills, but just by looking at the spell damage multipliers and various skill trees for each I have to assume that none of these are viable for any end-game content.

One thing I want to test for Hungering Souls is the % Chance for Multiple Projectiles IDOL interaction with the Isolation skill node (isolation limits the projectiles to 1). If the idols work with this node it could maybe make the direct damage portion of this skill semi viable?

From my limited experience ( i don’t play arena and just have done old MoF the last time i tried to make those skills work) they do work decently.
Soul Feast itself does not scale very well though. I mostly tried to make it someform of utility/ward skill or a great way to apply different DoT’s, like damned stacks, bleed and poison from afar.

Marrow Shard does work excellent for either “caster” characters or summoners.
Marrow shard has excelent crit branch(bottom middle) and also alot of cool minion interactions.

Hungering Soul does indeed work with the multiple projectile idol + “Isolation” Node. Also on top of that you can use Death Seal’s “Devouring Release” + follow up node for one hungering soul each 1.00-0,33 seconds.

Marrow Shards is ok but weak compared to the strongest skills.
The main problem it’s the area of damages is small.

Hungering Souls I never saw any player using it in end game, in a serious build.
Soul Feast is good I think.

But it’s rare to see it in the recent builds posted by the veteran players.
RIp Blood can generated a lot more ward than Soul Feast.