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Are there any good endgame bosses?

I just beat the story mode. I didn’t realize the last boss was actually the last boss, I thought he was the “first wave” guy and the real last boss would be next, considering how fast it died. While the mechanics and feel of this game are awesome, that left me feeling pretty underwhelmed.

Is there anything super hard to beat, other than late arena waves? An example of this are Nemesis (faction) Bosses in Grim Dawn, something that you almost for sure cannot beat without solid endgame gear just passing by on ultimate difficulty. Or Mogdrogen’s Avatar, an optional fight which is so hard people questioned if it was possible to win.

Right now looking at the arena, I would be playing arena just to get further in the arena. Is there currently anything hidden in the game which really takes a solid endgame build to beat, other than passing tons of waves in the arena?

Please remember, you are playing a game still in beta. This is not Grim Dawn, a fully fledged ARpg with expansions. Yes, there will be plenty of endgame which is outlined in the phase plans posted on this forums board.

Not an unreasonable thing to ask though, if we could get “hidden” bosses that are biggerer and baderer than the normal ones (later on when they’ve had time to implement everything else).

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I’d just like to point out that the story isn’t finished yet.

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