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Architect Liath fight feels overtuned

This fight is nuts if you have a character that might want to stand still for a second to cast an ability. The constant offscreening and nonstop projectile spam needs to be tuned down imo.


I agree, I spend more time running after her than dealing damage. When she summons the construct, the fight is simply impossible for me. My character can’t deal with the barrage of damage despite being able to easily tank all other encounters so far.

I’ve done the fight three times since the patch; two of those with new characters (one melee and one ranged).

The fight itself is fine, but it’s super laggy. I don’t think it’s overtuned but there’s a lot of visual clutter and lag that makes the fight very annoying.

I think I got lucky using convergence lightning blast. I dont remember much of the fight because it was so easy xD

This fight for me highlighted the problem with balancing in general. There is just way too big a gap between a mediocre build and a good one.

I’ve killed her with two characters, on one it took me half a dozen restarts and 5 minutes of kiting, on the other I used volcanic orb on her a few times and she was dead, 20 seconds tops.

I’d like to believe that neither of these experiences is the intended one, but it’s not a problem with the fight itself, which I can see as having been fun if my build was somewhere between these two extremes.

I can’t beat her either. Been trying for hours. Im a Shaman. Everytime I drop my totems, she ports away. + all the adds. I keep running nonstop, but evantually I’m running out of heal pots, you know. No idea what to do. I tried stacking light/ice resistance but it didn’t do much.

Guess I have to give up my character. I can’t progress further.

She spanked me. I was in cruise mode and deserved it.

Try stacking cold and lightning protections, She telegraphs her big attacks (avoid them of course) and make sure you have at least one good movement skill in your action bar to close the distance.

Don’t be like me and be swinging in the air at nothing not realizing she’s teleported to another corner of the room (and all the while her and her crony elementals are kicking your ass).

Once I made adjustments I felt a little silly for dying to her in the first place.

Her attacks are not my problem. I can dodge her line and donut attack pretty reliable. It’s the adds slowly killing my 2 wolves and then coming after me. I’m getting overwhelmed when She is at around 50% life.

I’m at 51% cold/lightning resistance as soon as I drop my 5 totems. I use that Jump skill, even talented into dmg buff for my minions and releasing snakes on the ground.

I know it’s possible to beat her like thousands of people did before me. Pretty sure my build is dogshit lol. I might try some cookie cutter build soon.

EDIT: Yup. Just respecced into a wild totem/zoomer mix build and even could facetank the architect skills with 71% resistance at around 440 hp, lv56. The hentai boss after was a breeze too. Now having fun in endgame stuff.

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I think all of the monsters in this game need some kind of cooldown and maximum range on their attacks.

It’s hard if you realise you messed up your build that late.

I agree that the 2 chapter 8 bosses are defenitely more engaging than every boss before.

Maybe when the previous bosses get additional mechanics and get buffed a bit to be more of a challenge the learning curve overall gets more flat.

I’m still of the opinion that there should be quest rewards with decent gear you can choose from. This way you get some aid with adequate gearing for story content. Act 7 boss for example should have Lightning resistance gear as a reward. Make this one defensive affix fix on a decent tier so that piece of gear is helpful when you get it.

It’s so easy to just zoom through the story then suddenly hit a wall and recognize that you haven’t upgraded your gear the last 2 chapters. Happens all the time to me. I then have to improve my gear through gambling/crafting.

For a new player without the opportunity to gamble 100k gold for some gear and without the pool of affixes to further improve it’s not very easy.

Better late then never. Skill passives are the worst part of respeccing. I had to delete points and re-level some other. So I kept mapping to get one or two crucial points back. Browsing the forum showed me the flaws in my masteries too. I’ve been putting points where they don’t belong and never synergized.

My armor was pretty decent honestly. I barely gambled and if I did, it was for magic stuff with a good T3 base. Been crafting stuff since early levels. This game needs more Shatter runes btw :slight_smile: