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Architect Laith Fight and quest feedback

Is it an intentional choice that the Architect Laith zone resets upon death in the fight? Forcing you to start the fight over from scratch?

This is very inconsistent and frustrating compared to the rest of the game. I’ve been playing most of the game a bit under-geared and underpowered since death was not a roadblock. Dying once or twice on a fight is not the end of the world. Except once you hit Laith you are not unable to die. This puts a large, and completely unexpected roadblock in story progression, and again, is completely inconsistent with the rest of the game leading up to this point.

My second feedback is related to the new quests in the island area. There is one to collect Crab Meat/eggs, and another to kill monsters. To me, these feel like MMO busy work, instead of a quick, but compelling ARPG quest… I was unable to gather all the eggs in the zone while working through the storyline in the zone, nor did I kill all of the monsters required. I feel like I had to go back and backtrack to complete both quests. I eventually skipped the egg quest completely since I did not feel like it was even worth my time doing. They feel inconsistent with many of the other quests in the game, and somewhat feel like they are quests for the sake of having quests, as opposed to enriching the experience.

Up until this point, I have felt the quests and boss fights have been good, but the recent boss fight and quests feel inconsistent with the rest of the game. I skipped the quests and got so frustrated with Laith that I simply stopped playing for the night, and I am likely going to take a break until a future patch.

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I’m hard severe difficulty with my character always dying fighting Architect Liath and it feels like I’m stuck in an endless loop of failure. I have lightning protection at 383 and I die before I can heal.

Laith does feel a bit mechanically overtuned…

For me it’s the exact opposite. The boss fights are challenging and the quests require you to not just run after a quest marker to rush to the next.

Maybe the bossfights in Chapter 8 need some tuning. But I like the new approach.

Till this point the bossfights were just boring. Hope the other bosses get interesting mechanics, too.

Agree game so far up until this fight flowed perfectly and was enjoying all aspects she is most effeminately overturned to progression so far and the die/reset adds to it , remove it GGG dont even use this in there boss fights and yup I would also lose the MMO boar butt collections quests. Rerolled util ahem BUG is fixed

I’ve beaten her with 1 character so far and she is by far the most difficult compared to other bosses.

The boss reset was unexpected but isn’t really a problem for me. For me it’s that it feels like a very heavy bullet-hell fight with constant projectiles and monsters spawning (including magic and rare monsters) which I feel needs to be toned down and maybe remove random monsters from spawning.

Laith is overpowered. I had difficulties with 2-3 Bosses, but I think Laith will end my fun with this game, which is sad, because I had a lot of it.