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Arcane Ascendance Bugs found so far


So im currently building around Arcane Ascendance.

I have tried 2 builds so far and both have bugs.

The easy one is that when speccing into Acuity in Arcane Ascendance the cooldown of the skill is not reduced to 2 seconds and the limit on channeling spells does not apply and the skill is only cancelled when i run out of mana.

The other build i tried was running Arcane Ascendance with Superconductor together with Energy Overflow in Focus.
This made it so that when i activate Arcane Ascendace the Focus skill most of the time deals no or reduced damage.

Thanks for making a great game.
Best Regards

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We’ve fixed Acuity internally but it hasn’t made it into a patch yet. I’m not able to reproduce the issue with Superconductor and Energy Overflow-- Energy Overflow dealt the same amount of damage in and out of Arcane Ascendance for me.

Could you post screenshots of your Arcane Ascendance and Focus trees?

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To add to this you can get infinite spell power and cast speed before each arena wave if you want . If you wait to use a spell and take acuity you can increase your spell power up to 5 % a second and cast speed 1% a second until ascendence is finished . Even if you fix the bug it is based on spell usage so all you do is cast arcane ascendance, wait a few minutes , activate the next wave cycle and then destroy the mobs either by channeling or casting up to 12 spells before it is over . It’s broken like infinite ward a few patches back broken .

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