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Arcane Ascendance (Acuity) bug

Just want to report a bug on the Sorcerer skill Arcane Ascendance, the Acuity node that removes mana drain and makes it end after 4 spells or channel is getting also triggered by 4 attacks; attacks should be added to the tooltip or make attacks not end the buff.

Thanks, fixes for this node will be included in our next update.

While you’re at it, that same node isn’t ending the skill properly, I’ve been having issues with it on my Sorcerer.
After 4 casts (or however many with the extra cast node) the EFFECT ends, and triggers any other “on end” effects (ie. Haste on end), but the skill on the skill bar remains “On”. It doesn’t go on cooldown until you attempt to use the skill again.

Yea its doing something weird where its kinda turned on after the effect ends then you have to press it to turn it off, and turn in on again. Also forgot if im right the Acuity node says 2 seconds cooldown but still 5 seconds for me.

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