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API for community projects

Hello everyone!
I played a few hours of last epoch and I realy like the basic idea and concepts of the game. However, I work as a Sofware Engineer in a bigger consulting company. My goal was always to use my professional skills for my passion (gaming) as well.

Coming back to LastEpoch I see quite a lot of possible usecases for different kind of applications (companion app, optimizing gear, damage meter etc). Leading to the following questions:

*How does the community feels about that?
*Are there any (in-)official plans or decisions?

I hope for a constructive discussion and eager to hear your opinion :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

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Well since the game is still very much in beta, I suggest you don’t do too much about these things. They are certainly interesting topics, but the game changes a lot, and it is going to change a lot more leading up to release next year. Having the basics for these tools could be cool though. Just be prepared to rework a lot stuff each patch :stuck_out_tongue:

What would a companion app be?
Optimizing gear in terms of…? Would it be like gear planner?
We don’t have much official knowledge about base damage values, so you’re probably gonna have to datamine the game files to make damage meters or a build planner.
Damage meter, as in an MMO style thing? It would be cool to see DPS for certain skills, in action. But Idk how that could be done.

  • I mean working on things for the community, while the devs work on the game, is always welcome and I’m sure you could get help from people. Including me.
  • The devs actually want an in-game build planner, where you can share builds and ideas with your friends from your account. But it would be dope to have such a tool, until it is introduced in the game. I do believe some people from the community are planning/building already, such a tool. But Idk how far in the processes they are. You could go ask in the Discord server :slight_smile:
    I myself have made quite a few spreadsheets for the various mechanics in the game, so I can be helpful with info and calculations.
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Did you have any specific plans to make stuff?

I dont have any specific plans yet. I just wanted to know if the dev’s have any plans on supporting those kind of projects with an official API. Second part would be if its even accepted by the dev’s to the players to use those kind of “products/tools”.

Last part would have been to identify possible use-cases by ideas of the community.

Of course there is still a lot in fluctuation and I am aware of it that the game will change heavily among the beta till it’s releases. As already mentioned, it was more kind of a brainstorming (mainly for me) to see how i can start with my ideas :slight_smile:

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Cool cool. I don’t think they will work on any official API before the game is released, but I’m not sure. Right now we can just ask for knowledge about game mechanics, and go from there. There’s already a lot on the Wiki, but it needs some updating, to include the latest stuff.

I’ll try and be as helpful as possible if you take your ideas further. :slight_smile:

I would completely support this, and make alot of gitlab contribs to those projects aswell :smiley:

Will keep an eye on this post to see how it advances ^^

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I’m down to support with lots of knowledge, calculations and data :smiley:

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