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Anyone else noticing the damage for flame reave is wrong?


Maybe someone on the dev team can explain because it makes zero sense.
I have 17 melee fire damage from my weapon. 16 from my passive tree. 13 from my invokers grasp set ring and 8 from the additional damage from the skill itself. Thats 54 fire damage flat.
I have 13 intelligence (13 x 4 = 52% increased dmg) 14% from elementalist passive. 30% increased damage from Heat Wave on the Flame reave skill tree. Thats 96% increased.
So far thats 54 x .96 which = 105.84 damage
Then I have 112% more melee fire damage from the Flame Blade skill tree node for Flame reave. As well as 15% more elemental melee damage from the enchant weapon skill. Thats 137% more damage. 105.84 x 2.37 = 250.84 damage
However on the training dummy…standing as close as possible i can only rarely get above 200 damage. I typically hit for 130 to 180. I didnt even include the shocks or the 12 phys damage from my weapon. It makes no sense. Why am I hitting for 130? Why cant I get to 250?
Please explain.

Also have 2 points in Dancing flames just in case that has some unintended effect on the damage. 40% increased mana efficiency with 16% reduced wave of fire speed and range.


Moving thread to #bugs.