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Anyone else deal with this RNG?

You guys need to fix your RNG. When upgrading affixes or adding them to an item. Out of the 100 that I did with 86% chance to add an affix or upgrade them. 43 of them were a success. 57 of them failed. I really don’t understand why games need to punish players for playing their game. Especially when it has to do with RNG. If said player is playing bad that’s one thing. But punishing me, because of something I can’t control, is horse shit, and archaic. You’re just trying to make the game go longer because you are lazy and don’t want to add more content. It’s frustrating as shit. RNG on top of RNG on top of RNG. That’s not gameplay, that’s gambling. I will still keep playing the game, because I enjoy it, but as devlopers you are failing with all the RNG, you need to try something new.

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100 items is a pretty low sample size then again a lot of people complain items with high% success chances fracture easier. I have 0 issues with the system, while I get it’s frustrating, but I changed my Mindset pretty much. I think I’m not entiteled to get everything I want when I want it because other games I played pretty much served me everything on a silver plate.
When people started to tell somethingis wonky with high success chances I tested that and had no issues. I started crafting on my new toon and had no issues. So far my new toon shattered ONE item out of 60ish craftings.
I get it it might frustrate people but I simply have some rules for myself I follow:

  1. Don’t craft if you don’t have a substitute Item
  2. Don’t use guardian scrolls under 25% fracture chance but only stability ones. If it breaks shatter it.
  3. Don’t push items further then needed at any given moment. T5 rolls and stuff is something I hunt for in the lategame when I can effort loosing stuff due fractures.

With those 3 little self applied rules crafting isn’t frustrating. If I have a bad rng steak I simply stop crafting because I don’t want to be frustrated and that’s it.

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I am not saying I want everything easy to get. I get that. But when I finally get the item that I have been farming for, for 2 days drops. I do one upgrade on stat that says 80%+ chance to upgrade, and it ends up being 43% chance that’s what I have a problem with. Those 100 Items were items that had the right stats that I wanted or almost all, and they borked at a 57% chance when they said they were 20%+ chance to fail, thats what I have a problem with. It took me a weeks worth of farming to get those said items, mind you I work a lot so I dont’ get to play as much as I want, but have those 100 items, and them saying 80% and me getting 43% is fucking ridiculous. Thats RNG on RNG on RNG its fucking stupid. And to explain, RNG #1 getting the right item to drop, RNG #2 having the right stats, RNG #3 rolling them to be good. RNG on RNG on RNG doesn’t make it content. This is the first ARPG that I have found that RNG on RNG on RNG matters to actually finish the game. Unless echos aren’t consider part of the game. They way I look at it is Arena’s are the end game, everything else should be completed with any build.

Disagree. Without any other endgame modes implemented, it’s too early to determine what the real endgame is. But roughly implemented placeholder system like arena is defenitely not “the real endgame” for me.

So this is propably your first ARPG ever? I don’t get this complaint. Isn’t finding the right item with good stats that roll high values a core mechanic of RPGs since they were invented?

You have a relatively small number of examples, you base your % on. Statistic isn’t precisely deterministic. Theres no math beneath the surface that let’s you automatically have a success when there statistically would be one. You can have 3 fractures in a row on a 90% success chance. It’s not common, but it’s possible.

Maybe 1000 crafts are a good sample.

EHG have looked into it. They did not find a hint that something with that crafting RNG is wrong, yet.

Every RPG or Loot Shooter has random elements# LE is no exception here.

If a game wants to be played without RNG you need to make the good items so hard to be accessible that you propably would make gearing plain tedious. Otherwise there would be no incentive to chase items.

Seems I defenitely have a different view on things like you have. :upside_down_face:

There have been several long threads about the RNG “not working”. Mike (one of the devs) did some testing of a million or so crafts & the fracture rate was close enough to what the % said it should be.

That’s not to say that you won’t have streaks or see “patterns” in the randomness which is a)normal & b)called pareidolia. Even “proper” RNG is streaky. Like bacon. And everyone like bacon.

You must not have played POE.


I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been getting the short end of the proverbial RNG stick. When you have enough people playing the game, this is bound to happen to someone. It’s crazy unlikely to happen this extreme but is technically possible. If it makes you feel any better, as you keep going, it will eventually balance out.

I can confirm that since the post which llama quoted, I have done way more testing on the system and it is actually doing very close to perfect RNG. It’s pretty expensive to set up a some atmosphere white noise sampling system or something to get real true RNG but it’s super close. In my automated testing I did an “unlucky streak” detection and I did get a couple really bad ones that seemed impossible. The opposite is also true though, I had a few successes at sub 10% success rate. This is really hard to get any of because you also have to get all the previous ones too.

Many non-multiplayer games will have built in detection for these types of steaks and adjust to make the system feel like what might be expected. We don’t adjust the RNG based on how many fails have happened recently. So each roll is independent of previous ones.

I know this doesn’t really address the main point of your post which is more the displeasure of using RNG like this at all. All I can say is that we are still planning on expanding the crafting system going forward. We are constantly looking at finding that balance of where gear upgrades come from. Recently we added t6/7 affixes which are loot drop only and then added a critical success for crafting. These are two small steps in what I think is the right direction.