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Anybody has launcher problem with updating?

Launcher tries to update the last patch then stays idle forever at 38%.

Anyone has any solution to this?

I’d suggest switching to Steam, but when I had that problem, I deleted the whole folder (or better rename it) and started with a fresh install, went by much faster.

If i delete folder and install again, am i going to be able to use my characters? the ones from previous install?

I didn’t lose any characters that way. And a search produced this.
But as I mentioned, renaming it and starting again with the windows launcher is an option.

I am having the same issue on my update. I started the update this morning around 11 am Eastern Standard time and it is now 4 pm.

What do u mean rename and starting with windows launcher? Can u explain please?

Well, I switched when the the beta hit, so don’t know if this has changed now, but you downloaded the windows installer from the “My Account” page, which was a 45 mb file, which you extracted on your hard drive. So there was no downlaod routine for windows or .msi-file. You could basically extract the files again from the windows installer, just create a new folder where you extract your files and start it from there again, not touching your other version. I basically had the client two times, one was the old, that didn’t really progress when updating, the second one was new, where no files were patched, just downloaded and unpacked (which still took some time). One patch basically would have taken me 3 days to finish (not joking), and when I started fresh I was done in under an hour.

Having same issue; posed in bug support yesterday. You can press Cancel then Launch and play “without issues”. (will see what happens when resolved)

Yes but you play without the latest updates, i want solution with the latest updates

This should be resolved now-- see this thread for details and reply there if you’re still having issues. Thanks!

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