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Any way to deal with the bats?

100% glancing blow/crit avoidance, 70% cold protection and it doesn’t help, they kill me faster than the monolith bosses. All I need is an echo to have them and its game over, I can’t do anything because I can only deal damage at melee range. It is getting ridiculous at this point.

Ah… so I am not the only one who hates the bloody flying birds & bats.

Honestly, playing Sentinel without range makes those guys really irritating, but having a decent movespeed to get to them faster or a melee weapon with more reach solved it for me. I also went Devouring Orbs which makes them a non issue eventually. Anything with a large area damage also works and Smite with teleport/Lunge also helps (if you are a Sentinel obviously) to get to them faster. So anything similar (mobility skill) in whatever your build is should help.

They do hit hard, perhaps a little too hard but you can deal with them.

There are alot of similar enemies that can be hard to deal with, since GB does not work against DoT type damage.

But all of those enemies usually are pretty squishy. Even if those enemies are “just white”, don’t be overconfident and rush through the level charging right into them.

Also watch out before jumping into a pack of mobs. This is not like any other aRPG where you just chrage through the levels mindlessly.

I do agree that some of those enemies might need some slight tweaking, but i think there are fine for the most part.
Especially the bats are vulnerable to melee, so if you be a bit mroe tactical and not rush into them, they are easy to deal with.

This. The buggers never leave you alone and you eventually end up halfway through the map boss and the stragglers finally catch up to you and you all of a sudden have a hundred mobs to deal with. :grinning:

That’s another good point. Especially in higher MoF, when each individual enemy becomes a real threat already. If you pulled mobs and don’t deal with them, you can get overwhelmed quickly.


Just to illustrate something:

If you have 100% GB + 100% Crit Avoidance + 100 HP + 300 Cold Resistances
…then you have 75 % Cold Protection and 800 EHP.
That’s literally no enough.
If you have 100% GB + 100% Crit Avoidance + 500 HP + 250 Cold Resistances
…then you have 33 % Cold Protection and 1500 EHP.

Yeah, GB & crit avoidance don’t have any effect on the ice bats. Also, your first example has 400 EHP, the second has 750.

IMO, for a melee build, one should “bait” them into using their AoE, then you move around behind them & stab them. To quote Corporal Jones

If they really do dot damage (thought they do pure) then yeah, you’re right.

-> Then it’s double bad for BUSTAR4O with his 100 % Glancing Blow. :yum:
…and he should calculate and probably maximize his EHP against “them”.

Thx for clarification, Llama8.