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Any viable Druid builds?

I’ve noticed on ladder several times, that druids are ranking nicely… Does anyone have a viable endgame spec for a true Druid ?

Curious myself. Haven’t tried Druid yet. Trying to theorycraft something.
People say Werebear is bad, so not sure if shifter is viable. Haven’t seen any feedback on Spriggan form.
I guess you could make Tornado Druid, should be close to Tornado shaman in power level.
Upper half of Druid Passives doesn’t seem to contain anything amazing.
There are some damage nodes, 200% crit chance, and spawning a Vine on kill.
Defense of the Heart looks powerful, but people say it’s bugged.

Hmm… that +200% crit chance may work for a melee druid, at endgame you can craft a polearm with 5+12+13=30 base crit, that combined with +200% makes 90% crit chance, just need +34% from gear (one affix or amulet base) to get to 100%.
All that’s said, druid seems to have problems with survivabulity in melee, and doesn’t have particularly interesting melee skills (swipe, serpent strike, werebear form). But I may be wrong here.

There are leap builds that are pretty viable and even right click skills using mainly swipe are not bad at all. The possible tankyness of the druid is fantastic, the ammount of HP you can get is great and the crit nodes in the top left of the passive tree even make your offensive a great defence ^^.
Sadly the numbers look like the bear form is a dmg loss because you can’t use steroids like the fernzy totem or the dmg buff from the veins or even pet skills when you are in bear form. On top of this the skills of the bear are more restrictive and worse to use then the human form skills. A charge vs the leap for example. On top of that without the ability to spend skillpoints into the bearform and the bear skills every skillpoint used outside of it is useless in the timeframe you are bear.
In my eyes it’s a missconception from start to end and I’m waiting for a new build to see if something changes and how they change stuff.

Werebear form gives you 150 to armor and all protections, 10 str, and, most importantly, 150% added damage effectiveness, so it makes you do 3/2 times more damage. This should compensate for attack speed and damage increases you get from swipe.
I find werebear very viable, at least during leveling. Curently level 36, going to test it on arena.

Not sure how viable “if you control a single companion” nodes are, without minion affixes on your gear.

My skills so far are Summon Spriggan, Thorn Totem, Leap, Werebear, Swipe.
both Swipe and Werebear can scale off both strength and attunement, so I have the flexibility to take either, or both, when there’s no better choice in the passive tree.

How do leap builds work? hit and run?

The singe minion nodes are good and an overall increase because you benefit from your minion even if it’s down and need to be ressurected. With all the tankyness you can get you simply fight on your minions downed body untill it’s up again.

With your skillsetup Wearbear is valid @magaiti if you use leap and veins and frenzy totems steroids bear suxx balls.

Leap builds are simple kite all enemys in one spot, jump on them and kill them all untill wave XXX. There should be some build guides for it around in the forum.

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