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Any updates on phase 3? even approximate time from?

Friends want to knew when to buy the game, they are waiting for multiplayer before buying it.

You should tell them they’re missing out; there is nothing wrong with a little solo action.

Phase 3 is probably a bit away currently, there is still some very important stuff they haven’t added in phase 2 yet, like tooltip DPS and the endgame system: Eternity Cache. They could, of course skip them and add in phase 3 stuff anyways but I think that’s unlikely to happen.

The good news is that Last Epoch should be coming out this year so hopefully they will be adding multiplayer within the next few months as they add more and more content in.

That would be scary, my framerates already fluctuate a ton and there is occasional slowness.

It would be nice to see the classes playing together though.

I get what you mean but I doubt they will add multiplayer without it working decently, from what I have noticed, Eleventh Hour prefers to put out content that works within a certain standard unlike games cough Path of Exile Cough I could mention. so I am willing to bet that while I can be sure there will be some bugs, it will at least be working well enough people will actually want to use it.

I agree.

Thanks for the responses :). Loving the game so far.

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Hopefully they get multiplayer as soon as possible (when it runs stable, of course). There surely will be a lot of balancing issues as soon as we jump through time in groups.

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