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Any tips for new player

So I am a HUGE fan of Grim Dawn and its deep character building and loot pool. I have a stupid amount of hours invested in that game and it will remain a favorite of mine for years to come, that and Borderlands 2.

I am wondering what people might recommend as far as my first class here. I will end up playing all of them I am sure, but what would be a good starter class to go with as far as farming gear for my other toons. It looks like there is a shared stash so I want a first class I can level up and start hording gear with.

Also, I will be reading a lot of stuff on the forums here, but are there any specific posts that might help me out and get me going? Grim Dawn has some amazing people who have written some great starter guides and I hope to find something here also.

I love Grim Dawn too ! Wonderful game.

For a first character is would say a pet build or a sentinel warpath (whirlwind) or sentinel hammer throw ( Diablo 2 hammerdin ) builds are pretty forgiving.

I wrote a couple of starter guides for Acolyte and Primalist a couple days ago. Just look in the class forums for the posts. Both use pets and dont need too much gear. They include specific skills to use and when to level them. They also include where to spend your passive points along with some general tips for new players. I will write the sentinel and mage guides soon, probably :slight_smile: . They are starter guides only but really a lot of the guide is usable for any class.

For sentinel, warpath and hammerdin builds are a lot of fun. Use lunge and ring of shields as a couple of your support skills. For mage, elemental nova can be a fast clear although damage is on the low end compared to most other skills/builds. Mage has fireball, lightning, and glacier as starting skills as well and all 3 are viable. Take teleport and flame shield as your other skills. Again I will look to write those guides too but what I wrote above is kinda a bare bones look for mage and sentinel.

I actually saw and read your guides while the game was downloading and they were very helpful thanks for that! =)

I tried Sentinel for a short time but the melee feels kind of clumsy. If the mob is too close the melee attack always misses and that should never happen.

I switched to Acolyte and it went better and I did follow your guide. Got her to 13 I think.

Switched to Primalist after your recommendation and I do enjoy him a little more, although I’m not sure how to set up a fifth action button yet, as I only see spots for 4 on the bar.

Thanks for the advice =)

I set all my skill movement abilities to right click. So leap slam , teleport , lunge , transplant etc are there. It’s on your bar and is technically how to map your 5th skill slot . So 1-4 and right click .

Hi Quik an welcome to LE!
When I started I tried to just go for more uncommon builds. But now I think that was a mistake. Without knowing the most important mechanics and experience with how skills work it was not that satifying.

So my advice would be you test all of the classes for a few levels and make a build that is popular.

Start forging items right from the beginning. No need to save runes for later. :grin:

Im reinstalling the game myself Atm, last time I played was I think in alpha. everything looks fun to play I don’t even know where to start.

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