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Any Spellblade Build out there?

Hey anyone tried out the new Static skill and found some good use with it or is the Fire Spellblade guide still stronger?
I play at level 63 right now with static which procs lightning Blast Mana Strike and Fire Shield with 40% more Lightning dmg testing arround but missing Culnivar’s Claim atm which maybe would push my Ward over 2k. I max reach 1k atm by aa and using dodge and the ward trail.
Sry im pretty new in this Game any Advice?ty

Sounds like you found a synergy already.

Flamereave should still be the most potent spellblade skill if you use the fireball node in it and specc the fireball as well you do a lot of dmg.

Follow what Macknum said. Im currently building a spellblade and only in the 50’s level. Flamereave with fireball is OP comepared to alot of other builds. So satisfying to play

Not simply satisfying but outperforming everything else by a mile.

Im doing shatter strike (lvl 60 atm) hybrid with disentigrate as my 2 mains. Now with the buff it performs miles better (the way I wanted it to be).

Shatterstrike specced to -80% mana cost, 3 casts per cast, +dmg/-ats, and +ats

Disentigrate full Tier 3 +200% dmg, take the +60% dmg nodes/Tier and the +100% faster upgrade, take the +50% dmg node on the left, I´m doing Lightning dmg so take the node that converts fire into Lightning.

Enchant weapon for more melee dmg

Static- moar dmg, hitting enemys by itself periodically, +5 charge gained/getting struck

Now I´m using the mana-reg ability, but with the buff to disentigrate dmg I`m thinking About changing the last 5 Points from desintegrate tree from the -35% dmg reduction into the node that makes you reg 10 mana/sec if you dmg enemys but reduces -70% dmg, and put the other nodes into either +25% mana reg/nod or the +10%dmg, 10% mana reg nods. If the Damage is still decend and it makes the skill free to cast and Regenerate all the mana we Need for shatter strike, that may be a viable choice playgame-wise. Because it will make it muuuch more fluid (which it isnt if you ahve to cast the mana-bubble to regain mana).

Then I can switch the mana-reg skill to teleport, which will make the build again more versatile because you can Reposition yourself, gain ward, bust out desintegrate… and then teleport Right into melee and shatter strike…. then teleport out of melee and desintegate from a good Position.

If the above doesnt work (or its not worth it dmg-wise for diesntigrate to take the manareg nod and suffer -70% dmg), then I might try switching static with teleport and use shatter strike, desintegrate, enchant weapon, teleport and mana-reg ability. Because really, you will have so much burst with enchant weapon+shatter strike and desintegrate… you kill quite fast actually, in wide AoE`s. Static is more of a nice Accessoires (one Id like to Keep because its fun), but it doesnt really kill the stuff, because the other skills are efficient enough in itself basically. But its nice to have for the small stuff around you (and its castable during disentigrate, and it Refills quickly with the “gain when struck” nodes).

Passive nods --> anything that increases int, spell dmg, spell dmg on melee hit, melee dmg on spell dmg (you dont really Need the “melee hit per spell cast” node, because you only cast disentigrate once since its a channeled skill. I dont know if it works with the other “spell casts” that deal no dmg, like teleport and enchant weapon though).

And get proper defense the rest, and ward Generation. I have all the spellblade ward Generation, but not the “100 ward when below 70% life”. But thats personal Preference I guess. 12 second cooldown is just too high for me being in-the-field

Forget the crit nodes since 50% of dmg Comes from disentigrate. So get melee dmg on weapon, spell dmg, DoT dmg, int lots, and the Basic defensives.

I dont like flame reave personally. Shatterstrike is great Gameplay, its lots of fun and very dynamic to Play so far, with the “bezz bezz” beam at Hand, which works like a pump-gun Always at hand :slight_smile:

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