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Any news on upcoming patch?

Super excited for the Acolyte skill updates. Too excited! Any news or small bones/hints to bite at meanwhile? Was expecting something at the end of this month :stuck_out_tongue:

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the developers don’t say anything about it, they just ignore you about it.

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Kind of “It’s done when it’s done” ^^.

I can live with both, yet I can shout out my inpatient desire still whilst abandonding my hope :smiley:

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New animations for sentinel are announced as of ~2 hours ago, also included is some “stay tuned for big announcement soon”

Awesome news! Coincidence? :sunglasses:

You should read the last sentence Sarno posted in that thread, that is even more of what you asked for in your OP^^

That made the waiting even worse! :stuck_out_tongue: