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Any chance Summon Scorpion gets its skill tree added soon?

Was so excited to unlock this skill, only to see it doesn’t have a tree. :frowning:

Anyway, loving the game so far! I’m going with a Beastmaster pet build (if you didn’t get that already, hehe) and just found the unique item to let me have another wolf. Really switched things up! Haha. I’m using Serpent Strike and liking it too.

Also, I wish there was more info about the different pets’ stats besides just how much health they have. I’m a numbers man. Would love to know how their attack damage, attack speed, and armour compare among them. I know this is probably more for the suggestions board but thought I’d mention it. :stuck_out_tongue:

hover mouse cursor over a skill and press alt, this should give you info about monster’s health and which stat it scales off.
afaik all minions follow the same formula: (20 + your level + stst) * base_health_increment.
for example wolves have 15 as base increment, so the gamesays 300 base health + 15 per level and point of strength. Companions scale with strength, totems with attunement.
Damage they get from passives and gear, and also from stat. 4% damage per point of stat, which is not reflected in character’s stats.

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