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Any auras in development?

I played a few characters so far, and i got to be honest i havent seen any auras, maybe i picked classes that dont have any… OR i have completely missed it somewhere in the talent tree. Any enlightment on this topic woyld be greatly appreciated.

Paladin has the “Holy Aura”. Other than that, there are not really any additional aura yet. (except if you consider spell that does damage in AoE around you, in that case there is the Aura of Decay of the Lich, Maelstrom of the Shaman, Fire Shield of the Mage and I might have forgotten other skills)

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The mage has an aura and a buff that is more like an aura that acts on time, a necromancer has a similar effect.

But these are not quite auras, these are permanent or temporary buffs, since they only act on you, or they can be imposed on an ally.
The aura defaults to all allies. If the aura has a temporary effect, it will be more like the mechanics of the curse that will soon be introduced with warlock.

I think the mechanics of auras will be introduced after the advent of multiplayer. Now there is no point in wasting developers time on this.

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There won’t be any oldschool auras in LE. The devs seems to be against fire and forget skills and always want some skill interaction and buttonmashing for an active portion of a skill.

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have you played warpath build yet? lol 1 button held down. Spin to win!

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Yes I did but obviously in another way ;).

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