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Another random nice thing to have

Would it be possible to have a counter on the affixes when you hover over an item to tell you how many of those affixes you have in your crafting stash?

What about a counter for which monster types have killed a char the most ? Soul Cage would be off the charts for me :joy:


I’d also like an option to be able to turn off the initial help tooltips that pop up with a new character. I’ve got quite a few characters, I don’t need to be told about using skills or potions, etc.

While we’re asking for alternatives, can we have the original monolith system available up to level 55 for leveling alts please? I’ve seen the story enough…

(Remember to make it give our passive points/idol slots as well!)

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They could even call it the minilith.

There was suggested similar things, i would recommend leaving a reply over there.